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REACT Logo.png "A lot of eyes are on us this time, especially since we have poor intel."
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"This station was a symbol of law and order near Central Park. Too bad those human concepts mean nothing to the Parasite."
— Description

Police Station is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It is set in the New York City region.


The Police Station is composed of three subzones: Reception, Holding Cells, and Bullpen.


Holding Cells[]


Map Layout[]

Discovery Points[]


Location Quote Image
Northmost room, statue at the top of the stairs. "REACT has police reports of the K-9 unit barking incessantly before the parasite broke ground to cause havoc." - REACT INDEX Reception DP 1 Map.jpeg
Reception DP 1.jpeg
Extraction point in the southeast corner, the blue container in front of the stairs leading inside. "City hall were sure that crime would rise during this crisis, but New Yorkers have really pulled together." - Ash Reception DP 2 Map.jpeg
Reception DP 2.jpeg
Documents on the south wall of the Airlock between Reception and Holding Cells. "The Lurker controls its own chromatophors and that of others. The specialised skin cells can induce camoflage." - REACT INDEX Reception DP 3 Map.jpeg
Reception DP 3.jpeg
Northernmost room, stalactites hanging off of the ceiling next to the bronze statue "Eighty-five percent of spikes grow upwards, however other orientations are not uncommon" - REACT INDEX Reception DP 4 Map.jpegReception DP 4.jpeg
Extraction point in the southeast corner, the gate in front of the police station entrance.

Look for the Central Park entrance.

"We evacuated a 6 block radius around each Hot-Zone. So far the cordon's held, but the press wants in." - (Ash?) Reception DP 5 Map.jpegReception DP 5.jpeg

Holding Cells

Location Quote Image
Center of the large underground parking area, the pile of Archaean spikes with the police car in the middle. "Reports say that car was actually moving when that car was impaled. The driver didn't get out in time." - Ash Holding Cells DP 1 Map.jpeg
Holding Cells DP 1.jpeg
At the extraction point at the south, the white truck with the blue REACT logo banner on it. "Many REACT ground vehicles have chameleo-paint that can disguise them as civilian vehicles." - REACT INDEX Holding Cells DP 2 Map.jpeg
Holding Cells DP 2.jpeg
Documents on west wall of the Airlock between Holding Cells and Bullpen. "I'm told these Abberant Nests make proteins and enzymes for the neoplasms. They're just nasty to me." - Thermite Holding Cells DP 3 Map.jpeg
Holding Cells DP 3.jpeg
Yellow filter equipment in the northwest corner of the Airlock between Holding Cells and Bullpen. "CLX-24 air filtration pumps are standard in our airlocks. The CDC also uses them in level 5 biohazard labs." - Mira Holding Cells DP 4 Map.jpeg
Holding Cells DP 4.jpeg
By the airlock to Reception, the most northernmost point in the map that is not airlock, inside cells with the separating walls collapsed "This used to be separate cells. The cops tried to trap a big Archie in there, and look at what happened." - Thermite Holding Cells DP 5 Map.jpeg
Holding Cells DP 5.jpeg


Location Quote Image
Northeast corner of area, the metal support structure on the wall opposite the airlock door. "During containment we send engineers in to brace structures weakened by the spikes." - Ash Bullpen DP 1 Map.jpeg
Bullpen DP 1.jpeg
Southeast large room, the cranks on the shelves looking towards the north wall. "Thats a lot of files. However, the entire police archive is only a fraction compared to the size of the data within my REACT database" - REACT INDEX Bullpen DP 2 Map.jpeg
Bullpen DP 2.jpeg
The machine with the three glass tubes in the Airlock between Bullpen and Reception. "This varitype sample receptacle can preserve tissue, mineral, and artifact samples for up to 96 hours." - REACT INDEX Bullpen DP 3 Map.jpeg
Bullpen DP 3.jpeg
Most northwesternmost area in the map, inside a bathroom on the far left toilet cubicle "We find surprisingly few bodies in Hot-Zones. What is the parasite using them for?" - Ash Bullpen DP 4 Map.jpeg
Bullpen DP 4.jpeg
Room in the middle of the map. The big Spike South in the room. "Another bizzare Parásito manifestation. There's some kind of high temperture fluid circulating Inside it." - Mira Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Extraction2022-2-11-20-16-15 (2).jpg
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Extraction2022-2-11-20-16-1.jpg