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"One of the most iconic settings for a CTU operation, this presidential plane offers an exotic and unique siege experience. It is claustrophobic, tense and constrained, involving limited breaching opportunities and sight lines."
— Ubisoft Description

Plane is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.


This map is used in Situation 4: Tubular Assault. In this situation, you play as Ash, who's job is to clear the plane of terrorists. Unlike regular Terrorist Hunt, there are less terrorists and no reinforced rooms, with all the terrorists being Loners. There are no bombers and little to no deployable shields. The main focus of this Situation is Ash's gadget and leaning.


  • 3 Attacker spawning locations
    • Official Entrance
    • Reporter Entrance
    • Service Entrance
  • 3-4 Defender objective locations
    • Bomb
      • Meeting Room and Executive Office
      • Executive Bedroom and Staff Section
      • Cargo Hold and Luggage Hold
    • Secure Area
      • Meeting Room
      • Executive Bedroom
      • Staff Section
      • Luggage Hold
    • Hostage
      • Meeting Room
      • Executive Bedroom
      • Press Section A
      • Luggage Hold
    • 7 Trap doors

Map Layout

Rainbow Six - Siege- Plane Map Guide

Rainbow Six - Siege- Plane Map Guide


  • Outside of the plane, there are multiple signs for Miller's Rail. Miller's Rail is a bar from Watch_Dogs, another video game by Ubisoft.
  • The plane's windows are indestructible. The only thing that can penetrate/break them is Glaz's OTs-03. The interaction the OTs-03 has with the window has changed unannounced over multiple patches, where at times if shot enough the window will break or make no hole at all. Currently, the OTs-03 creates holes that Defender and Attackers alike can shoot through.
  • The plane is approximately 2x the size of a real-life Boeing 747. This can be judged by the fact that the lower cargo hold is capable of holding 4 LD3 size containers side by side while the real Boeing 747 is only capable of 2. 
  • If players run too far away from the plane, they will die after 10 seconds, much like what happens when a player goes outside when playing Defense on Terrorist Hunt.
  • The floor plan is very similar to that of Air Force One, the United States Presidential plane.

Patch Changes