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A Protean is a powerful Archæan that has been created to resemble REACT Operators and mimic their abilities.They appear in the Containment event for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege as well as Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction.


Proteans are a motile Archæan variant found within the The Singularity phenomenon. They are created as a result of the Chimera Parasite's adaptive immunity system which enables it to recognize and remember pathogens. It then integrates the pathogen into future immune responses in the form of Proteans.

This immune system response is activated through contact with an Archæan Tree or by entering the Singularity itself. Once the pathogen is integrated, a Protean will mimic it's appearance and abilities. With regards to integrated REACT Operators, Proteans replicate affected individual's firearms and gadgets.

The Smoke variant was created during Operation Outbreak when James "Smoke" Porter initially came into contact with the Parasite. Following the Parasite's remergence years later, further variants were created after Aria "Alibi" de Luca, Seamus "Sledge" Cowden, and Chul "Vigil" Hwa entered The Singularity and returned three weeks later.

While Proteans are normally restricted to the Singularity, they are capable of being summoned out of it to engage threats such as when several Elite Archæans are killed in a short amount of time.



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Proteans act as the Defenders in the Containment event and are tasked with protecting Nests. Proteans are stronger and move quicker than the Attackers. Each Protean has 650 points of health and is capable of using Oryx's Remah Dash as well as Aruni's ability to punch large holes into walls. Proteans are unable to utilize any abilities or equipment but may use a sharpened piece of biomass as a blade for melee attacks.

Five Protean variants are available to play, each only differing aesthetically from on another.



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"Proteans are motile variants that have adopted the form of REACT Operators, and sometimes have the ability to mimic Operator behavior. Respect engagement protocols and exercise extreme caution in their presence."
— Site description

Proteans are Tier 4 enemies featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. They appear in the Gateway objective on higher difficulties. Proteans also have a chance of spawning as the Elite target in the Hunt objective.

Protean variants mimic the appearances and abilities of REACT Operators. They feature a large pool of health and can deal massive amounts of damage to players. Killing Proteans will reward players with large amounts of XP and unique cosmetics.

Four Protrean variants are currently available: Sledge, Smoke, Alibi, and Vigil. More variants are set to be introduced in Crisis Events.


Upon reaching the Gateway arena, players will have 10 minutes to dispatch the Protean. They feature a health bar and a shield, the latter of which must be taken down to deal lasting damage. When playing Solo, the shield will not be present.

Proteans use projectiles similar to firarms to attack players. They will also frequently absorb energy around them and release it as a blast to deal massive damage to players, they also possess a dash ability to smash through walls to create line of sight. To further keep players off-guard, they will teleport around the arena in order to flank. Should a Protean recieve enough damage, they will retreat by disappearing into the ground and will summon low-tier Archæans to attack players.

Like the Operators they mimic, each Protean features a special ability.

  • The Sledge variant has a sledgehammer which will deal large amounts of damage either by direct hits or by swinging it onto the ground, creating massive shockwaves of electricity. It can also release these electrical beams from a far and throw Frag Grenades at the player.
  • The Smoke variant will release toxic gas around them as they move and is also capable of throwing toxic gas bombs.
  • The Alibi variant is able to clone itself and unlike the real Alibi, clones will actively attack players until they are destroyed. These clones will each wield one of Alibi's 3 primary weapons and their behavior changes depending on the weapon they are using.
  • The Vigil variant is able to cloak itself and other archeans when engaging players. It can also charge up and launche a massive shockwave around itself.