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"In a life threatening situation, the average person's heartbeat can be upwards of 175 beats per minute. A well trained tango is able to stay cool, keep calm. Their heart rates can be 70 to 100 beats per minute. But by the time I'm done, that number goes down to zero."
— Pulse

Jack "Pulse" Estrada is a Defending Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.


Jack Estrada was born on October 11 at Seymore Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina. His father, Mark Peterson, was a pilot while his mother Cynthia Estrada was a classified Senior Intelligence Officer. Jack was raised on bases across the US and internationally, in Germany, Turkey, and Japan. Estrada demonstrated acumen for science at an early age and was quickly moved into an advanced curriculum. His focus on Forensic Science and Biochemistry made him a perfect fit for the Biometrics Program with the FBI, which he joined as their youngest intern in 2007.

In 2010, he secured his role as an agent and was soon recruited into FBI SWAT, working both in the field and in the FBI Lab. Estrada's high emotional intelligence led him to join the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) where he excelled in crisis management and negotiation tactics. His knowledge of behavioral biometrics let to the creation of the Cardiac Sensor, along with several other prototypes which he continues to refine.[1]It is shown that he is in a secret relationship with Yumiko "Hibana" Imagawa.

As a result of the constant relocation from base to base, Jack was fascinated by the microscopic variances that comprise identity. He became adept at recognizing micro-expressions and delineating a person's history based on their speech patterns and physicality.[2]

Psychological Report

During operations, Specialist Jack "Pulse" Estrada keeps his cool and consistently maintains sound judgement. So to meet someone with such boyish enthusiasm was an entertaining surprise for me. The conversation was a lively circuit of topics from biology, fighter jets, and scuba diving, to something his father builds in his spare time: Muscle cars. I honestly had never heard this term before. It completely baffled me. Estrada had to show me pictures. […]

We discussed his childhood fascination with biology and chemistry. That he wanted to be an astronaut, and jokes that he still might be. He's fascinated with the concept of alien life-forms. Which, upon mentioning it, prompted him to describe his deep-sea diving expeditions with bouncing excitement. […]

What does make Estrada quiet and contemplative is the mention of his mother. He becomes serious and there's a wistful tone in is voice. It was his mother who first noticed how good he was at deconstructing micro-expressions. She encouraged free-thinking and let him decide the pace of his academic studies. A naturally private person, her work in military intelligence made her even more so, but because Estrada can so easily read others I think it bothers him that he's unable to read his mother at all. […]

Life is a sense of adventure and Estrada is ready to grasp it all. It's a healthy attitude and I wonder how his upbeat energy affects the group. Estrada told me that he's working on being more in the moment, "slowing time." He's striving to be more mindful. I asked if anyone in particular had encouraged this new point of view, but he avoided the question. […]

Even under the most extreme conditions, Estrada puts his team first; naturally they all speak highly of him. Estrada says it's the caliber of his teammates that makes him so dedicated. […] He and Specialist Jordan "Thermite" Trace are close, but there is some professional rivalry between Estrada and Specialist Monika "IQ" Weiss. They seem to enjoy goading one another. I'm not concerned. If anything, it benefits Estrada to be challenged once in a while.

- Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey, Director of Rainbow

Gameplay Description

A Light Armored Operator, Pulse comes equipped with his HB-5 Cardiac Sensor which detects the heartbeats of nearby enemies through obstacles.

  • The Heartbeat Sensor creates scan lines from left to right, highlighting Attacker hearts in proximity every time the scan lines pass through them, even through walls.
  • An Attacker's heart is shown by a red dot on the Heartbeat Sensor and a white circle is shown around it.
    • Normal Attackers can be detected by the Heartbeat Sensor from a maximum of 9 meters away.
    • Attackers boosted by Finka's Adrenal Surge can be detected by the Heartbeat Sensor up to 14 meters away.
  • Every time the Heartbeat Sensor detects an Attacker, it beeps once. The beeping sound that the Heartbeat Sensor emits gets louder as the proximity between Pulse and his target gets closer. When targets get closer the red dot will grow larger in low proximity.
    • Enemies will not be able to hear the beeping from the Heartbeat Sensor, but will be able to hear Pulse taking out and putting away the Heartbeat Sensor. This however, is fairly difficult since the noise made is quite low.
  • The Heartbeat Sensor can scan directly through walls and floors. No matter how many obstacles are in its way it will scan a target within 9 meters.
  • The Heartbeat Sensor is viable for vertical play (i.e. Defuser plant denial). The Heartbeat Sensor becomes more useful when used vertically than horizontally.
  • Paired with a Nitro Cell, Pulse becomes a formidable force as he can scan for enemies through walls and effectively take them out.


  • The Heartbeat Sensor is an electronic gadget, making it vulnerable to a number of Attacker gadgets:
    • IQ can easily locate and eliminate Pulse through walls by detecting Pulse's Heartbeat Sensor when it is being used.
    • Twitch's Shock Drone can temporarily disable the Heartbeat Sensor if Pulse was shocked while using it.
    • Thatcher's EMP Grenades will temporarily disable the Heartbeat Sensor for 5 seconds if Pulse is in range of the EMP blast.


Heartbeat sensor.png

Heartbeat Sensor
HB-5 Cardiac Sensor

"Detects heartbeats at a short distance through obstacles."
— HB-5 Cardiac Sensor Description

While working in the FBI biometrics program, Jack developed a portable device capable of tracking a suspect’s blood flow and heartbeat. The portable cardiac sensor proved a useful non-invasive interrogation tool as the operator was able to monitor the stress level of suspects and reliably determine their truthfulness.

The sensor was then equipped with a higher resolution screen and programmed to determine the relative distance of targets. The modified Cardiac Sensor was successfully implemented into the FBI SWAT team’s surveillance counter-measures where sniper spotters and negotiators have effectively used the device to locate hostiles behind cover or from a secure location.

Device Evaluation

Device: HB-5 Cardiac Sensor
Operator: Specialist Jack "Pulse" Estrada
Evaluation Lead: Specialist Jack "Pulse" Estrada

Hey, Mira. As per your request, here are the specs for my HB-5 Cardiac Sensor. In a nutshell, the sensor uses microwave radiation to detect heartbeats because microwave radar technology has enough fidelity to distinguish human from animal heartbeats. My device takes it a step further by allowing you to "silence" the heartbeat of friendlies. It still detects them, but it doesn't alert you in order to reduce the noise while information gathering. Now here's the caveat... I've already patented the HB-series and the latest variations will be sent to various emergency management organizations to help locate survivors at disaster sites. While I've used it in hostage situations, the original intent is to help urban search and rescue teams. This is first and foremost a humanitarian tool, and my copyrights will guarantee that.

- Specialist Jack "Pulse" Estrada


Pulse's Quotes
  • "The heart is just a motor. Like any machine, it can be fine-tuned."
  • "Focus on the operation."
  • "In and out, nobody gets hurt."
  • "I see I've got your heart racing."
  • "I've got your six."
  • "Let's have a clean operation."
  • "On days like this, it's good to remember where you fall in line."
  • "Keep it clean."
  • "Stay focused."
  • "Stay frosty."
  • "We don't need heroes."
  • "You cover me, I'll cover you."
Using Heartbeat Sensor
  • "Heartbeat Sensor activated."
  • "Heartbeat Sensor deployed."
  • "Deploying Heartbeat Sensor."
  • "Deploying Sensor."
  • "Sensor deployed."
  • "Scanning."
  • "Surveying."
  • "Surveying for hostiles."
Heartbeat Sensor Disabled
  • "Heart Sensor disabled."
  • "Heart Sensor malfunctioning."
  • "I've lost the signal."
  • "Sensor down."
  • "Sensor out."
  • "Something's wrong, I can't get the signal."
  • "Something's wrong, the signal's out!"
  • "Tech disabled."
Setting Barbed Wire
  • "Setting up."
Setting Nitro Cell
  • "Nitro Cell."
  • "Setting C4."
Detonating Nitro Cell
  • "Detonating."
  • "Reinforcing the wall!"
  • "Wall reinforced!"
  • "Boarding the door."
  • "Boarding up the window."
  • "Door secured."
Scanning Enemies
  • "Enemy located."
  • "I found one."
  • "Tango located."
  • "Target's detected."
  • "I'm dry!"
No More Ammunition
  • "Ammo out."
  • "I'm out of ammo."
  • "I'm out of mags."
  • "Out of ammo!"
  • "Friendly down, cover me."
  • "I need a medic."
  • "I'll patch you up."
  • "I'll take care of you."
  • "On it."
Friendly Fire
  • "Blue on Blue! Don't shoot!"
  • "Friendly! Cease fire!"
White Masks Reloading
  • "Enemy swapping mags!"
  • "They're reloading."


  • Pulse was the lead negotiator in the abduction of a man named Michael Somerset, where it was also the first Operation to utilize a prototype of his Cardiac Sensor.[3]
  • Pulse is shown in a photo beside Hibana and Thermite that can be discovered on a piano on the Fortress map.
  • Pulse's invitational charm (titled "Pulse's Heart") features the Japanese name 由美子 (Yumiko) inscribed on it. This is Hibana's name. Also, in the photo of him and her on Fortress, she appears to be wearing this charm as a necklace.
  • Echo's gadget evaluation states that Estrada has been obsessed with learning Japanese in order to impress Imagawa.
  • Pulse's date of birth was originally stated in-game as 1984, however this has since been removed.


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