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REACT Logo.png "A lot of eyes are on us this time, especially since we have poor intel."
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"Brief me on route and I'll get it done."
— Pulse

Jack "Pulse" Estrada is a REACT Operator appearing in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. He is unlocked by default.


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With a background in FBI biometrics collection and analysis, Pulse was high on the list of operators recruited by REACT. His recalibrated HB-7 Cardiac Sensor has been specially tuned to detect Archæan physiology, making him indispensable in search and eliminate operations.

Psychological Profile[]

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Estrada has been called a natural negotiator. Indicates a future net gain in team dynamics. (EQUATING: 'emotional intelligence')

Estrada's personal relationships (Cross-ref: Operator Imagawa, Y. + Director Trace, J.) may have been significant factors in his opting to join REACT. Probability High. (QUERY: Human interaction)

Effect of new family on Estrada's dedication is not quantifiable. Profile indicates he will react positivelv. Probability High. (QUERY: Human interaction /SUB familial bond)


Gameplay Description[]

Gadget REACT Heartbeat Sensor.png

Heartbeat Sensor
HB-7 Cardiac Sensor

A Light Armored Operator, Pulse comes equipped with his HB-7 Cardiac Sensor which detects the heartbeats of nearby Nests, REACT Scientists, and MIA Operators through obstacles.

At Operator level 2, the Heartbeat Sensor's detection range is increased to 40 meters. At Operator level 7, it will automatically detect Nests within 8 meters when the sensor is holstered. Finally at Operator level 10, teammates within 10 meters have their speed increased to four when the sensor is active. When holstered, it will now scan detected enemies.

Detected Nests and REACT personnel will be displayed to the rest of the team as a red dot with a white circle, and can be pinged - this is not a Scan, but it does allow allies to have some guidance on where Nests are.

  • The Heartbeat Sensor creates scan lines from left to right, highlighting those affected in proximity every time the scan lines pass through them, even through walls.
  • Highlights are shown by a red dot on the Heartbeat Sensor and a white circle is shown around it.
  • Every time the Heartbeat Sensor detects a target, it beeps once. The beeping sound that the Heartbeat Sensor emits gets louder as the proximity between Pulse and his target gets closer. When targets get closer the red dot will grow larger in low proximity.
  • The Heartbeat Sensor can scan directly through walls and floors. No matter how many obstacles are in its way it will scan a target within its proximity.


Level Image Name Description Cosmetic
Heartbeat sensor.png
Cardiac Sensor Detects VIPs, MIAs, and Nests through obstacles. N/A
Heartbeat sensor.png
Improved Range Detection range increased to 40 meters. HZ-Tarp Headgear
3 Arsenal Update Gains access to the UMP45 sub machine gun. N/A
Armor III Incoming damage reduced by 20%. N/A
Extraction Perks.png
Healthy Hand Reviving teammates grants them 20 Health Boost. HZ-Tarp Uniform
6 Arsenal update Gains access to the 5.7 USG handgun. N/A
Heartbeat sensor.png
Passive Sensor Automatically detects Nests within 8 meters when the sensor is holstered. Status Symbol Uniform
Speed V Movement speed increased by 35%. N/A
9 Arsenal Update Gains access to the 556XI assault rifle. N/A
Heartbeat sensor.png
Cardio Enhancement Teammates within 10 meters have their speed set to 4 when sensor is active. Scans detected enemies when holstered. Status Symbol Headgear


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