Rainbow Six Siege: The Hammer and the Scalpel is a CGI Trailer (also referred to as a Short Movie or Cinematic) released by Ubisoft during the 2019 Season Invitational.


Rainbow is an international special operations unit that pulls the best of the best from around the world, but with operators of different generations and nationalities working shoulder-to-shoulder, conflicts are bound to arise.

Hacker specialist Dokkaebi from Korea collides with the stubborn veteran of the SAS, Thatcher, in a clash of tactics. It’s up to Rainbow's newest leader, Harry, to help settle the matter with a glimpse into Thatcher’s troubled past.



Synopsis (Spoilers)

The movie starts with a heated rush led by SAS specialist Mike "Thatcher" Baker in Hereford Base, England. He rushes around corners with his handgun ready, checking doors, as 707th SMB specialist Grace "Dokkaebi" Nam catches up with him. An announcement is heard saying that the scenario will be over in 30 seconds. Grace signals to him and pulls out her tablet to begin hacking cameras in the area. Mike scoffs and throws his EMP grenade in the room beside him, rushing in without her.

In the next scene, the two are seen walking from different directions to their lockers. Grace stops Mike from entering his, complaining that if she had just two more seconds, they would have had better intel. He rebutted this, saying it would have been too slow. She throws him a V sign and stomps away to her locker. He catches up to her and hands off a knife on her shelf, remarking that it can't "lag".

Taking much offense to this, Grace meets with the new Six, Harry Pandey. He is recording their conversation with a speech-to-text device of some kind. She shows the knife Mike gave her, to which Harry quickly sets aside, saying his wife doesn't allow knives in their household. Grace continues, saying she feels like just a nail to Mike's hammer. He invites her to sit at his desk, turning off the recording. He explains that anger is good, but that most fear losing control of their anger, which is why he admires Mike.

The scene cuts to a sea shore in Plymouth, England, a month before this meeting, where a man is washed up in the water. Mike comes and carries him onto his boat (titled the Iron Maggie). The rescued man wakes up, alerting Mike from his work. The man remarks that Mike's retirement plans must have failed, as he is now working on a boat, revealing the two are in fact brothers. He diverts the conversation, insisting Paulie tell him who beat him up.

In the next instance, Mike is seen locking the door behind him as he enters a bar. Mike throws the money on the floor at the group, beginning to monologue to them. The poker dealer at their table gets up, to which Mike hurls a pool ball at his head, sending him toppling backwards. The group responds, to which he punches Nick and he lands against the billiard, and throws the other onto their poker table, smashing it. The dealer gets up and smashes a pool stick over Mike's head, to which he punches him out. Mike ushers Nick to fight him. He charges, slamming Mike into the wall, but he is undeterred. He throws Nick on the pool table and drags him to the floor, sardonically making a remark about his mother. He pulls out the hammer from his boat, slamming it just centimeters away from Nick's face, causing him to scream in fear. Mike immediately gets up, and walks out of the bar, sparing him.

The scene returns to Harry's office, to which Grace explains she's just tired of having to "prove herself" to Mike and the others. Harry says she is nobody's nail, and that Rainbow needs people who can be a scalpel and a hammer. He hands her the knife back. He huffs in regard to being called Six by her, and says that for now, he prefers to be called Harry, standing in front of his board with a smile.


Announcer: "Attention all operators: thirty seconds remaining in the scenario."
Thatcher: "Fucking hell." (Throws his EMP Grenade to the room)
Intercom: "Mission Two participants please return to relief floor for hot wash [inaudible]."
Thatcher: "Don't worry. Maybe we'll get it right next time."
Dokkaebi: "Two more seconds and we would have had eyes in the room."
Thatcher: "They were already on cameras. That's two seconds too slow."
Dokkaebi: (Gives a V sign to Thatcher as insult)
Intercom: "Blue group, 10 - 4, report to [inaudible]."
Thatcher: "Piece of advice. No lag that." (puts his knife on the shelf)
Dokkaebi: "He has no respect for anything. If it doesn't fire a bullet or explode, he dismisses it. Look at this! 'No lag.'"
Harry: "Oh, careful! My wife has a strict policy about knives in the house, and I have a strict policy about not pissing off my wife."
Dokkaebi: "I know Thatcher is supposed to be the best, but he's a hammer and I'm-- I'm just a nail to him!"
Harry: "Sit. Sit, it won't bite. You're angry, that's good. Anger, anger can be a powerful tool. But we're terrified of losing control, of embracing it. And that's why I envy Mike. Mike faces demons. He knows how to channel his anger."
Paulie: "...Mike? Your retirement plans come to shite?"
Thatcher: "Who beat ya?"
Paulie: "Come on, leave it alone. It was a misunderstanding."
Thatcher: "Who beat ya, Paulie?"
Paulie: "It was Nick and his boys! It was just them bending me elbow a bit."
Thatcher: "How much this time?"
Paulie: "Five large. ... Oh no, come on, Mike. Don't do this."
Dealer: "This isn't your dad's online poker, boys. Big blind is ten quid, but if you wanna piss off, your money stays on the table."
Thatcher: "Here's the money me brother owes ya. But what comes next, my good sons, is from God's mouth to your ears. And I will make it hurt. For the rest of your miserable fucking lives." (Throws a billiard ball to one of the goons)
Background music lyrics: "Bet he feels like an elephant. Shaking his big grey trunk for the hell of it. You know that you're dreaming about being loved by him."
Thatcher: "Come on."
Lyrics: "Too bad your chances are slim. That's how it is 'till the end."
Thatcher: "Hello, Nick! How's your mom?"
Nick: [Terrified shriek.]
Harry: "This isn't about how Thatcher's been treating you, is it?"
Dokkaebi: "It's-- I'm just tired of trying to prove myself."
Harry: "It'll take time for some, but you are nobody's nail. You're much too sharp for that. Rainbow needs people who will challenge the future of the unit, and-- and those who remind it of its roots. It needs people who can be the scalpel and the hammer."
Dokkaebi: "Thank you, Six."
Harry: "Six, huh. She left some very large shoes to fill, didn't she? I'll tell you what. For now, please call me Harry."


  • At around 0:44, a hint to the future operator Nøkk is seen, which would be the Denmark flag hanging in the background.
  • The song used during Thatcher's fight scene in the bar is Elephant by Tame Impala.
  • At about 4:29, helmets from the Ubisoft game For Honor are seen in the background.
  • One of Dokkaebi's possessions is a Swelter Skelter hat. References Watch Dogs 2
  • Doc's picture from Outbreak is seen on the board behind Harry linking all operators to team Rainbow.


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