Rainbow Six experts Awyman13 and Iceycat infiltrated Wika’s HQ in San Francisco to gather intelligence on Rainbow Six Siege, the latest entry in the franchise. They played for days on end, documenting every operator, map, and mode available. The end result is this Super Walkthrough, full of tactical tips to help you quickly dominate the opposing team.

Essential Tips
Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter that plays very differently than a Battlefield or a Call of Duty. Check out these video guides from IceyCat to ensure you complete your objectives in one piece.



Game Modes

Rainbow Six Siege Defend
A single room contains a biohazard container. The Attackers must locate the room, clear it of Defenders, and hold position for 10 seconds.

Rainbow Six Siege Secure Area
Two rooms contain an explosive. The Attackers must find one of the bombs and activate a defuser, which takes 45 seconds.

Rainbow Six Siege Hostage2
The Attackers must rescue a hostage held by the Defenders, then bring that hostage to the extraction point alive.

Rainbow Six Siege White Masks
Eliminate all White Mask enemies on the map.

Rainbow Six Siege Situations
Carefully crafted scenarios focused on a particular Operator, designed to demonstrate that Operator's capabilities.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Op Chart
Use this handy chart to figure out the best Operator for you!


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