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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege – Patch 2.1.0
Release Notes for 02/07/2017

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Patch 2.1.0 - February 7, 2017

New Content & Features

General Tweaks & Improvements

Game Balancing

  • Harmonization of sights positioning in first person camera
Since the game released, sights’ positions in first person camera (which defines the space they take on screen) were inherited from their third person camera position, i.e. the real position that the sights had on the weapon rails.
While this might seem logical as it is the most realistic approach, it also had a negative impact: depending on the weapon, using the same sight could lead to vastly different experiences. For instance, here was the Red Dot Sight on CAMRS versus the Red Dot Sight on PARA-308: Image
Our intention is that each sight should be comfortable, different but equally viable, and that when you select a sight you have a precise idea of what it will look like whatever the weapon is. Because of that, we’ve harmonized all the sights positions in first person camera. Here are the new positions that we chose: Image
We’re looking forward to your feedback on these new positions: if you think some of them should change for various reasons, don’t hesitate to let us know – as usual, on our forums and Reddit.

  • Capitão gets a claymore, and IQ gets frag grenades
We’ve changed Capitão and IQ's standard gadget loadout:

Bug Fixes


  • FIXED – Operator's head is missing in drone view during Situation 7 and Situation 10.
  • FIXED – Tachanka's view can be misrepresented, preventing his shots from registering.
  • FIXED – 556xi and AUG A2 are sometimes unable to destroy a distant camera.
  • FIXED – Weapons equipped with a Suppressor, Heavy Barrel, or Muzzle brake have no muzzle flash.
  • FIXED – Jager's gadget can be deployed on an Operator's shield, and remain in that place after the shield moves.
  • FIXED – Nitro Cell damage radius is much higher on hardwood walls.

Game Mode

  • Terrorist Hunt
    • FIXED – The reload crate in Lower Library 1F (University) will spawn inside of a sofa.
    • FIXED – Smoke grenades will sometimes bounce off of invisible collision when thrown by Terrorists.
    • FIXED – Some Terrorists remain idle and do no attempt to engage with the players.
    • FIXED – Terrorists are stuck while rappelling during the second wave of Attackers while playing Hostage Protection on University.
  • Secure Area
    • FIXED – While contesting an area, the overtime countdown is not synced for all players.


  • Jäger
    • FIXED – Jäger's Trophy System will sometimes be missing audio/visual effects.
  • Kapkan
    • FIXED – EDD will be destroyed when placed on the right side of the door in the Passport Check room [Border] if Bandit places an electrified reinforced wall on the right wall.
  • Tachanka
    • FIXED – Tachanka suffers from a broken weapon animation when his LMG is destroyed by Sledge's Breaching Hammer.
    • FIXED – The ammunition count for the LMG is reset when it is redeployed.
  • Echo
    • FIXED – Yokai drone can pass through the ceiling on Plane.
    • FIXED – Yokai loses signal in the vent between 2F Model Hallway and 2F Vista Hallway on University.
    • FIXED – If the Yokai drone is picked up while hovering, the Terrorists will attempt to fire on the drone's former position.
  • Hibana
    • FIXED – X-KAIROS pellets will destroy gadgets on the opposite side of the wall from where they land.
  • Ash
    • FIXED – Breaching rounds can destroy gadgets on the other side of the wall from where they land.
  • Valkyrie
    • FIXED – A Black Eye camera is still usable for approximately 10 seconds after being picked up.
  • IQ
    • FIXED – The outline and distance of other gadgets cannot be seen on IQ's gadget while she is prone.
  • Sledge
    • FIXED – Sledge's Breaching Hammer can be used to breach walls from behind Montagne's extended shield.
  • Caveira
    • FIXED – Green effects are not appearing for players being killed.

Level Design

  • General changes
    • FIXED – Ladders disappear when looking at them from a certain height.
    • FIXED – Players are able to shoot through door frames attached to indestructible walls.
  • Bartlett University
    • FIXED – Defuser can be disabled by destroying the tiled floor in Piano Room.
    • FIXED – Wooden beams in 2F Classroom do not stop bullets, or show bullet impacts.
    • FIXED – Light sources are glowing too brightly.
  • Chalet
    • FIXED – It is possible to vault over a railing and hide under Green Room stairs.
  • Consulate
    • FIXED – The carpet in 2F Meeting Room is visible on the Spectator Camera from the floor below.
  • Skyscraper
    • FIXED – It is possible to clip through and hide under Main Stairs in the Restaurant.
    • FIXED – Hostage clips through the adjacent bed.
  • Favela
    • FIXED – Users are able to clip through a specific wall while using a deployable shield.
  • Yacht
    • FIXED – Bullet impacts are not registering on walls properly.
    • FIXED – It is possible to vault through the slot machine wall in 3F Casino.

User Experience

  • FIXED – The compass does not move while operating Tachanka's LMG.
  • FIXED – Using Alt + Enter during the Operator Select would allow players to change Operators during loading.
  • FIXED – Corrupted melee animation while running on stairs.
  • FIXED – Level of detail issue on various headgear.
  • FIXED – Level of detail issue on Sledge, Capitão, and Caveira when moving away from these Operators.
  • FIXED – Ubisoft Club challenges would appear as available, even though they were not.
  • FIXED – Chinese writing overlaps at the start of rounds.
  • FIXED – Players are sometimes not awarded XP and Bonus Renown.
  • FIXED – After completing a Terrorist Hunt match, some players are stuck at an infinite loading screen.