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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege – Patch 2.3.0
Release Notes for 09/05/2017

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Patch 2.3.0 - September 5, 2017

New Content & Features[]

The Health Program[]

  • New upgraded servers deployment
  • Improved lighting when looking from inside to outside and vice versa
  • Skybox update (all maps)
  • BDRF update (all maps)
  • Data cleanup on map textures and meshes (Kafe Dostoyevsky)
  • Optimizing operators
  • Face rigging cleanup means more consistent facial reactions
  • Hibana's gadget will now be more consistent
  • Hit registration, and high ping

General Tweaks & Improvements[]

Game Health[]

  • Introducing new smoke grenade & bolt animation – dual perspective replication
Smoke Grenades and Capitão’s smoke darts have been fully revamped. They are now completely opaque and will be displayed the exact same way on every client, which will make them much more reliable and consistent. We’ve welcomed pro players to test them in our Montreal studio – they’ve found these new smokes to be so strong that we’ve decided to follow their recommendation and lower their amount to 2 per operators that can chose them. This change will also temporarily make Capitão’s smokes grey, instead of blue.
  • New game design update on ACOG’s for defenders
As a standard from now on there will not be a 2 or 3 speed Defender with the option of using the ACOG sight.
  • Weapon falloff damage redesign
  • Marksman Rifles: Fall-off starts at 25m and ends at 40m.
  • Light Machine Guns: Fall-off starts at 25m and ends at 40m.
  • Assault Rifles: Fall-off starts at 25m and ends at 35m.
  • Submachine Guns: Fall-off starts at 18m and ends at 28m.
  • Machine Pistols: Fall-off starts at 18m and ends at 28m.
  • Handguns: Fall-off starts at 12m and ends at 22m.
  • Ammo Balancing
We have made a pass on the amount of ammo of every gun, and added a few magazines to several of them. Here is the complete change list:
  • Two drones deployed at a time for attackers
Attackers can now deploy a second drone without destroying the first one. This works just like Twitch who can already deploy her two shock drones. The mechanics are also the same where launching a new drone will place the attacker in the new drone’s camera, and they can re-access their first drone view by scrolling the observation tool list.
  • Kanal spawn kill exploit fix
  • First-person camera position will now be closer aligned to third-person
  • Shooting feedback systems is now more accurate
  • Non-replicated debris
  • Debris will no longer block the deployment of gadgets

Player Comfort[]

  • Defender vision filter is removed when going outside
  • Priority on observation tools for alive players
  • Crosshairs don’t turn red on enemies anymore
  • Enemy ID only triggers on successful scans

Playlist Changes[]

Ranked Playlist[]

Casual Playlist[]

  • Map Preference system is deactivated now for all PvP Multiplayer. No ETA for the return of this feature to PvP.

Game Balancing[]

  • Barbed wire easier to walk through and one less hit
Barbed Wires still prevent sprinting, but they now slow down walk speed by 45% down from 50% and they are destroyed with two melee hits down from three.
  • Jackal’s hunter’s mark pings location more frequently
Jackal’s hunter’s mark now marks a target’s position every 5 seconds (down from 10) for 20 seconds (down from 30), for 5 position pings (up from 4).
  • Bandit can now destroy Hibana pellets while they fuze
  • Bandit’s batteries 1-shot drones
Objects electrified by Bandit’s batteries used to 1-shot drones when they made contact with them. This was changed a few patches ago two be 2-3 hits, and we are reverting the change. Drones will be 1-hit when interact with electrified objects.
  • IQ doesn’t detect friendly gadgets anymore & detects Echo’s arm pad while using the Yokai
  • Fuze’s cluster charge pathing is more predictable
The path taken by Fuze’s cluster charge pellets was calculated by precomputing the whole trajectory, but then switching to a physics driven model as soon as a puck hits an object and disregarding the remainder of the precomputed trajectory. This, as we all know, translated to unpredictable and desynchronized behavior across clients. The new version ensures that the pucks follow the precomputed trajectory until the end, which should yield a much more reliable (and teammate friendly) behavior.
  • No more crosshair hit markers on Blackbeard’s shield
Shooting at Blackbeard’s shield doesn’t trigger hit markers anymore. On some occasion this mechanic allowed defenders to spot his position without seeing him, which was not the intended behavior.
  • All drones and Twitch’s drone can aim upward more easily
  • Glaz’s blood splatters are now more correctly displayed
Blood spatters are now correctly displayed when using the thermal scope. They used to not display in red when they displayed above the yellow bodies. Additionally, dead enemies do not display as highlighted any more.
  • Sledge’s hammer is more consistent
It should now be easier to connect where you want with the sledgehammer, especially on windows while rappelling.

Bug Fixes[]

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