Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege – Patch
Release Notes

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Bug FixesEdit


  • Fixed – Deployable shields placed perpendicular to a window prevent vaulting.
It is now impossible to install deployable shields in front of windows in a way that would block vault or rappel in. Trying to do so will result in deploying the shield forward or backward depending on the player position, in a way that will always leave enough room for vaulting or rappelling in.
  • Fixed – The operator is invisible when players load into game.
  • Fixed – Pistols have their reticle misaligned with the center of the screen while shooting.
  • Fixed – No toggle for Montagne and Pulse special abilities (now comes with toggle).
  • Fixed – Cannot access Bulletproof Camera by pressing the secondary gadget button while prone.
  • Fixed – While prone, using melee and standing up will switch the knife animation to shield.
  • Fixed – The Stun Grenade VFX can be cancelled under certain conditions.
  • Fixed – The squad leader remains alone in a match after one squad member leaves when the leader starts the match.
  • Fixed – Latency, micro stutters and graphical issues after playing multiple matches and maps in the same Custom game session.
  • Fixed – End of round timer does not stop when initiating the defuser plant at the last moment.

Level DesignEdit

  • Bank
    • Fixed – Valkyrie Black Eye can see through the ceiling when placed on in a spot on 2F Bank.
    • Fixed – Spot in 1F Tellers Office allows Valkyrie’s Black Eye to see the corridor and staircase.
    • Fixed – Spot in 1F Archives allows throwable gadgets to reach 2F Skylight Stairwell.
  • Club House
    • Fixed – Attacker drones can see through the ceiling underneath 1F Lobby and Bar.
  • Consulate
    • Fixed – Drone has no collision with the terrace edge from West Front Yard.
  • Hereford Base
    • Fixed – Ranked Match Action phase lasts for 4 minutes on Hereford Base.
    • Fixed – Equipping a shield drops the fps by 10–20 on Hereford Base.
    • Fixed – Unstable FPS in Hereford Base.
    • Fixed – Maestro's gadget is vulnerable by breaking cosmetic destruction, Small pinstripe carpets across the map.
    • Fixed – Players can hide under a desk in 1F Prep Area.
    • Fixed – Defuser cannot be picked up after being dropped between the wall and the ammo box in 1F Garage.
    • Fixed – Defuser cannot be picked up after being dropped between the wooden planks located in EXT Barnyard.
    • Fixed – Thatcher's EMP grenade does not turn off the faux volumetric glow from the ceiling lights in EXT Barn.
    • Fixed – Small gap in 2F bathroom ceiling on Hereford base rework.
  • House
    • Fixed – Players can clip inside a wall using a deployable shield at 2F Workshop.
  • Kafe Dostoyevsky
    • Fixed – Players cannot pick up armor plates if the armor bag is deployed on a kettle in 3F Cigar Lounge.
  • Oregon
    • Fixed – Operators can get stuck inside a pile of boxes in 1F Office.
    • Fixed – Player can vault inside the washing machine on Oregon.


  • Buck
    • Fixed – If Buck mounts Tachanka's LMG Turret with the Skeleton Key on and leaves it, no interaction can be made with the turret afterwards.
  • Clash
    • Fixed – Clash can instantly go into ADS with her secondary after un–equipping her shield.
    • Fixed – Clash is not able to use Observation Tools while her CCE shield is extended.
  • Echo
    • Fixed – Instead of disappearing when Echo’s Yokai hover drone is disabled, the "Jump" button appears greyed out.
    • Fixed – If a disabled Yokai hover drone is picked up and re–deployed, it will still be in the disabled state when redeployed.
  • Finka
    • Fixed – Finka’s Spear308's damage falloff over distance is too high.
  • Maverick
    • Fixed – Maverick’s blowtorch makes no sound on the first use on a wall.
    • Fixed – Blowtorch SFX persists after Maverick is killed while using it.
  • Mira
    • Fixed – Black Mirror can be destroyed from the other side of a reinforced wall.
    • Fixed – Mira can place her Mirror under another destroyed Black Mirror.

Minor FixesEdit

  • Fixed – Clipping issue on Lion's uniforms.
  • Fixed – Hibana's face appears washed off when equipped with the Yurei headgear.
  • Fixed – Holding down both gadget buttons and releasing them in a certain order switches away from Pulse’s Cardiac Sensor.
  • Fixed – The Chalkboard uniform for Hibana does not appear properly while in First Person.
  • Fixed – Blitz's arm is delayed when leaning, causing clipping issues with shield.
  • Fixed – The observation tool icon is missing from the select spawn location screen for attackers in preparation phase in Ranked.


  • Fixed – A second "Gold Lion Chibi" will float next to the weapon it is attached to.
  • Fixed – Equipping a country flag charm on the SPSMG9 will also apply on Clash’s CCE shield.
  • Fixed – Chibi charms are not properly placed on Clash's CCE Shield in load out.
  • Fixed – Multiple charms are clipping through Blitz's and Clash's shields.
  • Fixed – Charms equipped on Clash's shield are not visible in 3rd person view.

Pick and BanEdit

  • Fixed – When Joining in Progress during a ban reveal, players will always see the blue smoke.
  • Fixed – Joining in Progress with previously selected operator does not update teammates blocked operators.
  • Fixed – During the ready screen, the sizes of the operator's cards are not consistent.
  • Fixed – The "Change floor" button is missing in the tactical map.
  • Fixed – The bullet point that indicates the currently voted OP disappears after changing display mode.
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