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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege – Patch 3.4.2
Release Notes for 02/05/2019

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Patch 3.4.2 - February 2, 2019

Operators Balancing

A detailed breakdown, as well as the rationale as to why we are making these changes, can be found in the Designer’s Notes.


  • Damage decreased to 65 (from 99).
  • Adjustments to damage falloff to align with other pistols for consistency.
  • Reduced magazine size to 12 (from 15).
  • Increased recoil to make chaining shots at long-range more challenging.
  • Increased hipfire spread to reduce the viability of spamming non-ADS shots.


  • Upgrade to full-automatic fire mode from 2-round burst fire mode.
  • Updated recoil to align with other full-auto weapons.
  • Increase total ammunition at 161 (from 121)
  • Increased damage to 33 (from 30).


  • Increase ADS speed by 33% to align with other SMGs.

Doc + Rook

  • Decrease max damage to 27 (from 30).


Yellow light on Nomad’s Airjab will now blink during activation delay.

Bug Fixes


  • FIXED - Visual graphics glitch that impairs player sight. (Also known as the "Bird Box" glitch)
  • FIXED – The shield collision box is not synced properly when the player looks up and down.
  • FIXED – On Bomb, counter defuser will instantly appear in operators’ hands instead of playing counter defuser animation
  • FIXED – Missing frames on crouch replays on end of round replay and death cam replay.
  • FIXED – Defusing at the last moment will not stop the round timer and prevents the round from ending.
  • FIXED – The holographic sight reticle thickness.
  • FIXED – Players can become immune to Stun/Flashbang effects after being stunned multiple times in THunt.
  • FIXED – Recruit operator has Fuze's default green ballistic shield skin instead of a black shield skin.

Game Mode

  • Terrorist Hunt
    • FIXED - Users in a PVE squad session can be stuck in an infinite loading screen after voting to retry.
  • Custom
    • FIXED – In Pick and Ban, if player votes ‘No ban’ for the first ban, the ‘No ban’ option is automatically selected in the second ban-round.
    • FIXED – In Custom matches, the Operator art remains grayed out when ‘Change Operator’ button is pressed during 6th pick.
    • FIXED – In Custom matches, players cannot re-pick their previous Operator selection during 6th pick.
    • FIXED – In Custom matches, when the Attacker’s Unique Spawn option is set to off, the Attacker’s tactical map may have missing or displaced icons.
    • FIXED – In Custom matches, when a player leaves after spawn location vote, their vote count text remains.
    • FIXED – Players who are Clearance Level 5+ can't create a Custom Online game when in a squad with users who have a CL less than 5.


  • Nomad
    • FIXED – Drone collision issues with Nomad’s Airjab when deployed on any surface.
    • FIXED - Fire damage from any environmental map sources will not destroy Nomad’s Airjab.
    • FIXED – Nomad’s Airjab does not deploy on some types of debris.
    • FIXED – Certain gadgets are not destroyed even when Nomad’s Airjab pushes an Operator through them.
    • FIXED – Mute’s jammer can cause incorrect Airjab detonation behavior.
    • FIXED – One of Nomad’s VO lines does not play properly during Airjab detonation.
    • FIXED – When Nomad deploys an Airjab inside a smoke grenade, she can sometimes gain vision inside the smoke grenade’s area of effect.
    • FIXED – Nomad’s Airjabs can sometimes be activated and destroyed at the same time.
    • FIXED – The yellow laser on Nomad’s Airjab will shift left when the unequip animation is interrupted.
  • Alibi
    • FIXED – Alibi’s Prisma will not activate when dropped by Alibi after being pushed-back by Nomad's Airjab
  • Kaid
    • FIXED - Addressed recoil differences of Kaid’s TCSG12 with mouse vs controller input.
    • FIXED - A round remains in the chamber while performing a full reload of Kaid’s TCSG12.
    • FIXED – Lesion’s Gu Mine will deploy in electrical barbed wire if deployed before or at the same time Electroclaw activates.
    • FIXED - The Electroclaw visual zone effect disappears after being deployed when switching operators in Support mode.
    • FIXED – Gadgets will still remain electrified by Kaid’s Electroclaw even after destroying the barbed wire on which the gadget was originally deployed.
    • FIXED – Some parts of Kaid’s uniform clips with the player’s camera when prone against a wall.
    • FIXED – The AOE effect indicator for Kaid’s Electroclaw is missing or is smaller while the gadget redeploys itself after falling off from a deployable shield.

Level Design

  • FIXED – Some walls do not respond properly to destruction after being hit in the same spot repeatedly.
  • Fortress
    • FIXED – Sound propagation issues in Kitchen / Central Stairs on Fortress.
    • FIXED – Operators bodies clip through the wall of 1F Kitchen on Fortress.
    • FIXED – Operator bodies can clip through a box on 1F Hammam.
    • FIXED – Floating debris when destroying ceiling surfaces in 2F Bathroom.
    • FIXED – Players sometimes pass through the indestructible separator walls of 1F Courtyard on Fortress when activating Nomad’s Airjab from a certain angle
  • Coastline
    • FIXED – Players can vault through the floor to 2F Bathroom on Coastline.
  • Chalet
    • FIXED – When placing Fuze’s Cluster charges on the floor above certain metal beams, the pellets will detonate but will not deal damage to the environment or the players.
    • FIXED – Certain ceilings on Chalet don’t destruct properly due to horizontal pillars blocking explosions.
  • Kanal
    • FIXED – Players sometimes clip through wooden walls of Kanal.

User Experience

  • FIXED – Ranked match summary displays the individual MMR earned from the match, and not the Player’s current total MMR.
  • FIXED – Players sometimes receive a [2-0x00009008] Game Full error in Casual matchmaking.
  • FIXED – Voice chat audio continues to transmit even when alt-tabbed out of the client.
  • FIXED – Erroneous menu UI visual effects when using a controller.
  • FIXED – Menu UI tabs sometimes overlap when using two different inputs.
  • FIXED - Two observation tool key binding popups still erroneously popup on first boot for new players.
  • FIXED - Scrollbar overlaps the end of the details list for seasonal weapons.
  • FIXED - Incorrect compass location is displayed when drones are close to the ceiling.
  • FIXED – Players can duplicate weapon skins between two weapons.
  • FIXED – 2D visual corruption when vaulting over any thin objects.
  • FIXED – VFX issue with Reflex sigh on Spetsnaz attachments.
  • FIXED – FNP9 Pistol Iron sight not centered properly.
  • FIXED – Killcam replay moves sporadically when an operator dies from a thrown C4.
  • FIXED – Kaid and Nomad's default headgear is misnamed.
  • FIXED – The "Canadian Trenches" Uniform for Frost has a clipping issue around the chest area.
  • FIXED – Glaz’s Elite Uniforms & Headgears have missing titles on the Operator screen.
  • FIXED – Headgears are not arranged by order in player's inventory.
  • FIXED – Sorting charms by price leads to an alphabetical sort in the shop.
  • FIXED – The Vigil Chibi Charm visual effects missing around the sides of his mask.