Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege – Patch 4.2.0
Release Notes for 06/11/2019

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Patch 4.2.0 - June 11, 2019

New Content & Features


Operator Changes


  • OTS-03 Optic will require players to stand still to clearly see through smoke
  • In order to use the OTS-03 scope at maximum efficiency, Glaz players will now have to stand still. Moving in any direction will progressively cause the bright yellow colour to fade out. Intensity information is displayed on the side of the scope.


  • Adrenal Surge now clears the tinnitus from explosives.



General Tweaks & Improvements

Game Balancing

Win/Loss Conditions

We have changed the Win and Loss conditions for our various game modes, effectively removing the possibility for a round to end in a Draw.
  • If the last player on each team dies at the same time, the following win conditions come into effect:


  • (Not planted) Defenders Win – Bomb Protected (same as if timer runs out)
  • (Planted) Attackers Win – Bomb defused


  • Defenders Win – Container protected (same as timer runs out)


  • Defenders Win – Timer Expired

Player Comfort

Ranked Guide

See a snapshot of the current Ranked season with the new Ranked Guide. Upon entering the guide, players will be able to look at the current season's rewards, map pool, and directly enter matchmaking from this page. Each player's personal Ranked stats and where they stand amongst others can easily be accessed. Explore the main rules of Ranked (with the newly added Pick & Ban) before jumping into the game, and see which maps have been added, removed, or reworked in the Ranked map pool.

Operator Selection Screen

The Operator selection screen has been improved to increase readability and show more information at a glance. See all weapons and gadgets available for an Operator, get a gauge of their difficulty rating, or choose to randomize your Operator selection in this revamped screen.

Ambient Audio Tuning

We have taken steps to reduce the impact ambient noise can have on your gameplay, specifically on Bank and Border.


  • The team on the helicopter has changed their search pattern to cover a wider area, forcing them to circle the objective from further away. This has also reduced the amount of noise from the helicopter for the Operators on the ground.


  • We spoke with the management of the Bank, and stressed the importance of being mindful of their water usage. As such, they have turned off the sprinklers in the Basement. They were not able to provide an ETA for when they would remove the water from the floor.
  • The fire alarm is now a more intermittent alert than a constant sound.
  • The circling police helicopter has moved a bit further out to give our Operators more space, and reduce the noise that the helicopter is making.
  • Ventilation boxes also received an upgrade, and now make less noise.

Soft MMR Reset

We are adjusting how MMR is managed when a new Season of Ranked is released in order to improve the matchmaking experience at the beginning of a Season. In the past, we reset all players to a 2500 MMR at the beginning of the Season. Moving forward, we will reset MMR between the “middle” (2500 MMR) and your rank from the previous Season, with extremes above 3500 and below 1500 clamped to those respective values. This will also apply to placement matches. This change will also lead to players reaching their “true skill” faster; players that should be Diamond will reach Diamond faster. We understand that some players, particularly those at the extreme high end of Diamond, would like more of` a “grind” implemented for attaining the higher ranks. We have heard these concerns and are working on how to provide that type of experience for those who want it in the future.

Menu Loading Times

We have adjusted how we manage loading items in the menu. This has had the result of reducing the delay between selecting different weapons attachments and other items, leading to a smoother flow overall.

Observation Tools Feedback

We are adjusting the indicator light colors on Defender and Attacker Observation tools to be more consistent. Moving forward, Observation tools controlled by Defenders will be blue, and those controlled by Attackers will be yellow. Additionally, Observation Tools that are under the effects of Vigil or Nøkk are now white. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure players can easily recognize a friendly, hacked, or enemy observation tool.

The following gadgets and tools have had their light colors changed to follow this design:

HUD Visibility

Player's HUD will now remain visible when Flashed/Stunned. The HUD is a source of information for the player, not for the Operator they are controlling, and as such, the HUD info should always remain visible.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed - Players can vault onto windowsills via a deployable shield.
  • Fixed - Audio for drone movement sounds sometimes are not played for 3rd parties after being idle for a few moments.
  • Fixed - Breach charge deployment audio does not play if the breach charge is at max range.
  • Fixed - Placing a gadget after rappelling in can cause rubberbanding.
  • Fixed - L/R camera sweeps in 1st person while performing an action will trigger an instant orientation
  • Fixed - Operators can fall through the map or remain stuck when rappelling too closely to a structure.
  • Fixed - Moving around in prone stance while leaning makes no sound.
  • Fixed - User loses controls of their drone if it is the last to get destroyed during the preparation phase.



  • Fixed - Blackbeard run speed does not decrease when his rifle shield is equipped.
  • Fixed - When player rappels with Rifle-Shield, the head is misplaced in third-person view compared to first-person view.


  • Fixed - Fire from Capitão's bolts will fail to propagate if dart is shot at side of beams of destroyed floors/ceilings.


  • Fixed - EOR replay + killcam doesn't mirror Glaz scope effect intensity during the kill.
  • Fixed - After ADSing repeatedly, Glaz light intensity indicators on his scope can sometimes be white in color.
  • Fixed - Glaz's Thermal scope in support mode stays at 100% vision regardless of Glaz's motion; when an ally dies, leaves and reconnects.


  • Fixed - Lesion's Gu mines are invisible when deployed.


  • Fixed - Visual desync between Maestro's evil eye and actual position if it was moved during first moments of a Dokkaebi Logic Bomb.


  • Fixed - Nøkk and breach charge while rappelling causes issues when equipping.


  • Fixed - Inconsistent gas/smoke propagation on broken floors and ceilings for Smoke.


  • Fixed - Warden is unable to reinforce a wall or hatch when he is standing too close to it.
  • Fixed - When Warden barricades right after activating his Smart Glasses, he does not need to hold the deploy key to complete the barricade.
  • Fixed - Starting a tactical reload from sprinting will obstruct the player's view for a few frames.


  • Fixed - Ying's Candelas will fail to blind non-host players if they the candelas explode after a very short air time.


  • Fixed - Vigil gadget can't be deactivated when gauge dips below 20%.

Level Design


  • Fixed - Shooting a specific spot on Kafe can cause Attacker drones to be destroyed on release.
  • Fixed - Defenders have a LoS to spawn point in EXT Park Alley in Kafe.
  • Fixed - LOD issues after destroying the wall between the two rooms of 2F Pillar Room in Kafe.
  • Fixed - Collision hitbox issues with the chandelier in 2F Mining Room of Kafe.
  • Fixed - Various clipping issues on Kafe.
  • Fixed - Various vault issues on Kafe.
  • Fixed - Players can get into locations/objects they should not be able to access on Kafe .
  • Fixed - Spawn kill spot in on Kafe.
  • Fixed - Players can place 2 barricades in one doorway on 3F White Corridor of Kafe.
  • Fixed - Operators can float between the Christmas tree and the Biohazard Container in 3F Cigar Lounge of Kafe.
  • Fixed - Players can lay prone inside Cabinet of 3F Cigar Lounge of Kafe.
  • Fixed - Echo's Yokai clips through christmas tree of Kafe after falling from the ceili


  • Fixed - Old hatch location in 3F Bar Backstore of Kafe can still be reinforced.


  • Fixed - Bank: Opaque white fog appears when an explosion occurs in the room.


  • Fixed - Walking SFX is muffled on spot in 1F Lobby Stairs of House.


  • Fixed - Stained glass windows on Villa allow sound to propagate through when not broken.
  • Fixed - Various lighting issues in Villa
  • Fixed - LOD issue on window cover in 2F Red Stairs from 2F Classical Hall of Villa.


  • Fixed - Metallic sound can be heard while shooting the tires of any trailer truck on Outback.
  • Fixed - Outback bomb sites shown on wrong floor of tactical map.


  • Fixed - IQ's gadget is not visible in the in-game menu (loadout, shop menu previews) or MVP screen.
  • Fixed - The Volcano skin doesn't apply to SASR weapons.
  • Fixed - Outdated thumbnail for Smoke and Nøkk's holographic sight.
  • Fixed - Jammer effects sometimes stay stuck on the caster's screen.
  • Fixed - Vsync disabled on player HUB.
  • Fixed - Floating operator gadgets when searching for a game from the player HUB.
  • Fixed - Visual glitches + clipping for various Operators while performing some actions.
  • Fixed - Title screen optimization for ultra-wide screen resolution dimensions.
  • Fixed - 'ESC' key input is triggered twice when the chat box is open.
  • Fixed - Operator bundles disappear when purchases are made from the 1st party store.
  • Fixed - Loss of functionality can occur after navigating through charms in the in-game shop.
  • Fixed - Clipping issue with Bandit Axle 13 uniform.
  • Fixed - Clipping issue with vaulting with the shield on the back.
  • Fixed - In loadout, Nøkk's weapon stays on the screen even when viewing other ops.
  • Fixed - Clipping issue with some operator hands when rejecting Dokkabi's calls.
  • Fixed - Vaulting with the shield on the back results in the shield clipping the operator.
  • Fixed - Recruit has Fuze's default green ballistic shield skin instead the black ballistic shield skin. It's good to return things after you're done borrowing them.
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