Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege – Patch 4.2.2
Release Notes for 07/06/2019

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Patch 4.2.0 - July 7, 2019


Updated Parameters for Friendly Fire Interactions with the Hostage

  • RFF triggers for hostage interactions have been aligned to be more reflective of global RFF parameters

Lesion Gu Mine Cloaking

  • Lesion Gu Mine cloaking mechanics have been updated with Echo's cloaking mechanic to prevent detection through ballistic shields.

Idle Kick

  • Reduced Idle kick timer during prep phase.
  • Additional new idle-kick feedback warning prompt.


  • Fixed – Attackers can break their rotation axis through a series of steps, allowing them to spin like a top. No more Beyblade.
  • Fixed – Placing certain gadgets (Jammer, Prisma, Evil Eye, etc.) in front of a destructible wall segment can interfere with later attempts to reinforce.
  • Fixed – Shield operators can see an invisible Yokai VFX through their shield when the glass is damaged.
  • Fixed – Players can lose partial functionality if they started to defuse at the same time as another defender.
  • Fixed – Sometimes the Defuser can be pushed outside the bomb site by interactions with barricades and wall reinforcements.
  • Fixed – Players are kicked after putting the hostage in DBNO during prep phase.



  • Fixed – Echo drones *Fixed on a ceiling hatch continue to stay in place even after hatch is destroyed.


  • Fixed – Mozzie's hacked drone view for Defender Operators in Support mode are in color when they should be black + white. (Only Mozzie should see hacked drones in full-color).


  • Fixed –Airjab proximity SFX is not present in replays.


  • Fixed – Glitches feedback in first person POV continues playing after leaving rappel.


  • Fixed –HUD becomes larger when deploying a shield, placing a reinforcement, or when on a ladder.


  • Fixed – Shock drone's beams cannot travel through railings on some maps to destroy cameras
  • Fixed – Twitch drone view for Defender Operators in Support mode are in color when they should be black + white. (Only Twitch should see her drones in full-color).

Level Design


  • Fixed – Players can vault the shelves at 1F Electrical Room.
  • Fixed – Drone can be thrown into ceiling of 1F Teller's Office.
  • Fixed – Missing entry prompt when rappelling down from EXT Low Roof Skylight.
  • Fixed – Operators clip through the South building's wall when rappeling down EXT Low Roof while holding the hostage.
  • Fixed - Lesion cannot deploy his Gu mines on a specific location at the entrance of Ext Tunnel.


  • Fixed – Players can vault and go through ceiling areas of EXT Pedestrian Customs.
  • Fixed – Missing drone collision with in 1F Workshop allows drones to scan without being spotted.


  • Fixed – Attackers can vault onto the purple tarps from EXT rooftop.
  • Fixed – Defender drones lose reception in the 2F VIP Lounge drone hole.


  • Fixed – Drones can be thrown between the floorboards above B Garage.

Club House

  • Fixed – Obstructed ADS vision in B Escape Tunnel.
  • Fixed – One of the soft walls in B Container cannot be reinforced from the outside at EXT Construction Site.


  • Fixed – LOD issues with glass display in 2F Museum Room.

Hereford Base

  • Fixed – Missing barricade at the start of a round in 2F Sewing Room.


  • Fixed – Various window clipping and texture issues.
  • Fixed – Flash Bang effects can pass through the stained glass windows on Villa onto the other side.
  • Fixed – It is difficult to deploy Gadgets on some of the windows/flat window surfaces where they should be able to be deployed.


  • Fixed – LOD issue in 2F Pillar Room.
  • Fixed – Players can prone and hide in a shelf in 3F Bar Backstore.
  • Fixed – Blocked windows from previous Kafe showing red outlines during preparation phase.
  • Fixed – Operators can hide inside the cupboards in 1F Dining Room
  • Fixed – Floating debris after destroying the wall in 2F Fireplace Hall.
  • Fixed – Minor missing visual elements.
  • Fixed – [Situations] Drone can remain stuck inside a tree after spawning in EXT Park.


  • Fixed – Missing collision with doorstep when the floor is destroyed allows gadgets to pass through a beam.
  • Fixed – Operators can clip through the B Tower Stairs.


  • Fixed – Players can vault onto the vending machine in 2F Garage Lounge.


  • Fixed – Missing compass location after rappelling towards EXT Dragon Statue.

User Experience

  • Fixed – Spamming of special characters in All Text chat causes freezing.
  • Fixed – Players are put into a situation instantly after cancelling a discovery queue.
  • Fixed – Updates to various UI elements.
  • Fixed – Fixes for some modeling and texture issues.
  • Fixed – Swapping between guns will make ADS to be offset when in Support mode.
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