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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege – Patch 5.1
Release Notes for 11/22/2016

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Patch 5.1 - November 22, 2016


Vote Kick Changes[]

Since its implementation, we have noticed abuse of the Vote to Kick feature, especially in Ranked matches where there is a stiff penalty. While we are still looking at other ways to implement a system that will allow for a more pleasant player experience, we found it necessary to remove this feature in Ranked for the short term.

In Casual, we are increasing the number of votes required for a Vote Kick to pass depending on the size of the grouped and un-grouped members.

Bug Fixes[]


  • Fixed – Attempting to breach without detonating the breach charge in the rappelling swing motion breaks the Operator’s animation.
  • Fixed – The hitbox surrounding Castle’s headgear is not accurate.
  • Fixed – Melee range is extended when striking from a low stance to a high stance.
  • Fixed – Users are not able to stand up when pressing [Shift] while prone in Barbed Wire.
  • Fixed – Operators sometimes appear as if they are flat. (No longer will Tachanka appear as if he is from another dimension. Unless… is he?)
  • Fixed – Holes created by Impact grenades do not reliably replicate the destruction on all clients.
  • Fixed – Throwing multiple gadgets at the same location in succession results in unexpected collision.
  • Fixed – Buck’s shotgun does not reliably create vaultable holes. (Further improvements made)
  • Fixed – Dying at the same moment as throwing a gadget will result in a duplicate of the gadget.
  • Fixed – Placed charges remain floating after the surface has been destroyed.
  • Fixed – Operator’s weapon disappears when attempting to pick up a gadget and then cancelling immediately.

Game Mode[]

  • Custom Match
    • Fixed – Changing the Action Phase Duration from 360 to 600 seconds results in the incorrect time being displayed.
    • Fixed – Abandon Match quit option persists into the next game session.
    • Fixed – Caster can be muted in the lobby even if voice chat is not functional.
  • Bomb
    • Fixed – Players are stuck in the defuser placement animation if attempting to place the defuser on a ballistic shield.
    • Fixed – When Echo has his secondary weapon drawn, the animation for destroying the defuser is broken.
  • Hostage
    • Fixed – The hostage is shown with the defuser icon on the HUD.
    • Fixed – Auto-reload is disabled for ballistic shield Operators carrying the Hostage.
  • Secure Area
    • Fixed – Players do not receive points for discovering the objective.


  • Sledge
    • Fixed – Sledge’s hammer cannot destroy Mute’s Jammers.
  • Hibana
    • Fixed – Major freezing issues occurring on PS4 when Hibana fires her X-KAIROS gadget for the first time.
    • Fixed – The sound effect of the X-KAIROS gadget can be heard across the entire map.
    • Fixed – Pellets do not stick to the corners of trap doors properly.
  • Echo
    • Fixed – Sonic Burst is not providing the intended effect on players that have been impacted.
    • Fixed – Sonic Burst does not impact players as intended if Echo shoots them in the shoulder.
    • Fixed – Player animation is not working as intended after being struck by Echo’s drone.
  • Thermite
    • Fixed – No sound is made when placing an Exothermic charge on a reinforced wall while rappelling.
  • Doc
    • Fixed – If Doc is downed while healing himself, he will enter a DBNO state, but will not be down.
  • IQ
    • Fixed – If IQ goes prone while ADS, her gadget will stop displaying distances and outlines.
    • Fixed – Once destroyed, cameras still appear on IQ’s gadget.
  • Twitch
    • Fixed – Players are able to use Twitch drones as support cameras.
    • Fixed – Picking up her Shock Drone and pressing the action button at the same time results in Twitch being stuck in an animation.
  • Mute
    • Fixed – Jammers do not block remote triggers if Operators stand within the Jammer’s radius.
  • Fuze
    • Fixed – Cluster Charge does not make holes in trap doors.
  • Pulse
    • Fixed – Pressing the left and right button quickly results in a broken animation.

Level Design[]

  • Skyscraper
    • Fixed – Level of detail issue on multiple shadows.
    • Fixed – Players are able to vault into wooden beams, causing a clipping issue.
    • Fixed – Drones do not have proper collision with the Western Tower.
    • Fixed – Users can remain stuck when vaulting over the bar.
  • Favela
    • Fixed – X-KAIROS pellets detonate instantly in Aunt’s Bedroom.
  • Yacht
    • Fixed – Vaulting animation is broken when vaulting through Spa Deck’s windows.
    • Fixed – Fuze is unable to deploy Cluster Charges on Spa Deck’s windows.
    • Fixed – Players experience rubber banding when passing through 3F Global Hallway breaches.
  • Kafe Dostoyevsky
    • Fixed – Echo’s drone does not experience proper collision with some ceilings.
  • Oregon
    • Fixed – Bullet effects can extend outside of the walls.

User Experience[]

  • Fixed – “Destruction Master” Ubisoft Club Action is not unlocked if the player dies while breaching.
  • Fixed – Players can sometimes be stuck in their own corpse after changing cameras.
  • Fixed – Textures disappear from Hibana’s hood when viewing from a distance.
  • Fixed – Players are able to disable all maps in the matchmaking preferences.
  • Fixed – Capitao’s ammo count displays as 3/-1.
  • Fixed – Weapon crosshairs are displayed when viewing a teammate’s drone during the preparation phase.
  • Fixed – When performing a one shot kill to the enemy’s neck, the points for a headshot bonus are not award.
  • Fixed – Remaining rounds for the Bearing 9 shift in spectator mode.
  • Fixed – Inconsistency between the amounts of time displayed in “Surrender Sanction” and under “Ranked”.
  • Fixed – Performing a melee action while firing a shotgun causes a broken animation.
  • Fixed – The ammo count for Capitao’s tactical crossbow does not display properly when being spectated.
  • Fixed – Scoreboard updating is significantly delayed.
  • Fixed – Operators are not standing in the proper location in the MVP showcase.
  • Fixed – Ubisoft Club challenges are not available.
  • Fixed – Error 3-0x000A0003 is displayed when accepting an invitation after having gone through a suspended disconnect message.