Rainbow Six Wiki

User Flags are an essential part of the running of a wiki. Standard users have the ability to upload files, edit and move articles and take part in community life. Those deemed trustworthy enough are given extra tools, as well as extra responsibilities.

Anonymous, New and Registered Users

The basic flags are anonymous, new, and registered users.

Anonymous users are those who have not created their own Wikia account. Anonymous users (Anons, also called wikia contributors) can read pages, and edit most pages. These may be identified by IP address.

Registered users are those who have created their own Wikia account. Registered users start as new users, who have the same rights as anons until they gain experience.

Once experience has been gained (defined by the system as 10 edits over at least 4 days), registered users become 'autoconfirmed users', gaining the rights to edit more pages, as well as the abilities to create pages, rename most pages and upload files.

Trusted Users and Rollbacks

Rollbacks are users who have the ability to revert the edits of a particular editor to a page, back to before that person edited, with just a single click, rather than the several required for non-rollbacks.

Trusted Users refers to non-admins responsible, and trusted, enough to welcome new users and revert vandalism and the like. Furthermore, when admins are not around, these users may be, so having some sort of policy to point them out and give them responsibilities would help the site, the users themselves and the new users. All trusted users have rollback privileges while some may also be Content Moderators.


User Date of Establishment Content? Chat? Discussion? Active?
Lockdown14976 January 21, 2016 Cross.png Tick.png Tick.png Cross.png
GrimlockWarlock November 22, 2016 Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Cross.png
GreenMoriyama August 12, 2018 Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png
UndergroundLemmy August 14, 2018 Cross.png Tick.png Tick.png Tick.png
Artoria2e5 August 25, 2018 Tick.png Cross.png Cross.png Tick.png
R0swellx April 9, 2019 Tick.png Cross.png Cross.png Tick.png

Administrators and Bureaucrats

Administrators (Admins or Sysops, the latter short for 'System Operator') are users who are given extra tools to help with maintenance of the wiki. Administrators may be given even more responsibility and tools by being appointed as Bureaucrats (B'crats).

Tools and Responsibilities

Administrators can:

  • Block disruptive users
  • Delete and restore pages
  • Protect and unprotect pages
  • Edit protected pages

Bureaucrats can do all of the above, plus:

  • Promote users to the level of rollback, administrator and bureaucrat
  • Demote users from the levels of rollback and administrator (demoting bureaucrats is a power reserved to Wikia Staff, except when a bureaucrat wants to demote themselves)

In addition to the technical tools inherently afforded to administrators and bureaucrats, several other community responsibilities are reserved for administrators and/or bureaucrats:

  • Deleting discussions
  • Monitoring chat


The current policy on admin inactivity is as follows:

  • Once a user has become an admin, they hold the position for life, unless exceptional circumstances warrant otherwise.
  • Admins are declared inactive, for the purposes of the below section, after 60 days of consecutive non-editing. This lasts until they begin editing again. There is no consequence for inactivity, it is merely used to point out the most appropriate sources of help to other users.


User Admin? Bureaucrat? Active?
RelentlessRescusant Tick.png April 24, 2007 Tick.png April 24, 2007 Cross.png
USNC Trooper Tick.png October 21, 2007 Cross.png Cross.png
JakCruse Tick.png May 3, 2009 Tick.png May 4, 2009 Cross.png
Lawrence Williams Tick.png May 28, 2013 Tick.png May 28, 2013 Cross.png
Awyman13 Tick.png December 2, 2015 Tick.png January 6, 2016 Tick.png
USMClover Tick.png January 6, 2016 Cross.png Cross.png
GhostVikingUSMC Tick.png January 6, 2016 Tick.png August 12, 2018 Tick.png
Medlone Tick.png February 27, 2016 Cross.png Tick.png
KaiserofTheAzure Tick.png July 24, 2017 Tick.png August 12, 2018 Tick.png
Wuzh Tick.png September 7, 2019 Cross.png Tick.png
Prof. Sugarcube Tick.png January 26, 2020 Tick.png January 26, 2020 Tick.png

Other Flag Levels

There are several more, albeit very rare, user flag levels, above the level of bureaucrat. These are:

  • Wikia Staff and Helpers - Employees of, and volunteers working for, Wikia, who are empowered with multiple tools across all wikis.
  • VSTF (Volunteer Spam Task Force) - Have tools to combat vandalism and spam across all wikis.

Username Colors

We operate a system of name highlights, whereby all links to the userpages of administrators, bureaucrats, and rollbacks/trusted users are coloured, rather than plain blue (using the relevant section of MediaWiki:Wikia.css). The colours are as follows:

  • Bureaucrats - Green
  • Administrators - Teal
  • Rollbacks/Trusted Users - Orange

Wikia-wide privileges are highlighted as follows:

  • Staff - Light Blue
  • Wiki Managers, Helpers, and VSTF - Purple

Rights Removal

All users with community appointed user rights - i.e. trusted users/rollbacks, admins and b'crats - may have their rights removed if the community votes this is the most appropriate course of action.

Circumstances warranting such action include abuse of admin/b'crat tools or authority, where a trusted user is deemed to be no longer trustworthy enough to hold such a position, or where a user with such rights is blocked for any period of time.