Ramon Calderon is a character that appears in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six.


Ramon Calderon is a Colombian drug lord. Calderon made a name for himself during the eight years the Cali and Medellin cartels fought for control of the Colombian drug trade, earning himself the nickname "Rotula" for the brutal punishment he exacted on Medellin supporters. When the Colombian military broke Medellin's back in 1994, Cali expanded to fill the resulting void and Calderon rose to a position of considerable power, ultimately, authorities believe, controlling most of Colombia's expanding "liquid marijuana" market. In 1998, Calderon was forced out of the cartel and fled across the border to Brazil, where he continues to operate several large marijuana growing operations in the countryside near the town of Villa Bittencourt.

Rainbow SixEdit

On August 3rd, 2000, John Brightling and Anne Lang devised a plan to frame Calderon and have Rainbow eliminate him. This was done in order hide the true purpose of the Rainforest 2000 initiative to build a sanctuary to survive a pandemic. The pair claimed that Calderon had been launched attacks at the Horizon Ark contruction site. They also had several Phoenix Group members allow themselves to be captured and taken hostage at Calderon's stronghold in Brazil. Rainbow successfully rescued the "hostages" and eliminated Calderon. On September 30th, Rainbow discovered that Calderon had been framed following the reveal of Anne Lang's treachery. They then set out on a mission to capture Lang for questioning.

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