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Rebellion Developments is a British video game developer and comic book publisher based in Oxford, England. Founded in December, the company is best known for developing installments in the Sniper Elite Series and Alien vs. Predator Series.


The company was founded by brothers Jason and Chris Kingsley on December 4, 1992 in Oxford, England following a deal with Atari UK. Rebellion would then develop several titles for the Atari Jaguar system. In June 2000, Rebellion purchased 2000 AD comic series from Fleetway Publications and have since developed several characters from the comic for the games market.

In 2004, Rebellion entered a deal with DC Comics to reprint several 2000 AD stories in trade paperback form, including Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Nikolai Dante, and Sinister Dexter. When DC left the venture, citing poor sales, Rebellion created its own line of American graphic novels, distributed through Simon & Schuster. In 2005 Rebellion also created the Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files series.

In 2006, Rebellion purchased all of the now defunct Elixer Studio's IPs. Rebellion also purchased Tomb Raider developers Core Design from Eidos Interactive, as well as Strangelite from Empire Interactive, making the company the largest independent European development studio. In 2009, Jason Kingsley confirmed rights ownership of former Vivendi Games franchises sold before merging with Activision in 2008, as well as the intention of making new sequels of those and Elixir Studios games.

In June 2009, it was announced that Rebellion had acquired the role-playing and board games publisher Cubicle 7. In July 2013, Rebellion bought the Battlezone and the Moonbase Commander franchises from the Atari bankruptcy proceedings. In January 2018, Rebellion acquired Warwick-based Radiant Worlds and rebranded it Rebellion Warwick. In January 2019, Rebellion acquired TickTock Games, which had previously worked with Rebellion on several games. TickTock Games was rebranded Rebellion North. Rebellion acquired the rights to The Bitmap Brothers games in November 2019.

Games Developed

This list denotes games in the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Franchise that have been developed by Rebellion.

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