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"Replaces iron sights with 1x dot sight."
— In-game description

The Red Dot Sight is an optical attachment featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It replaces the default iron sight and provides a better line of sight for players to engage enemies from afar. Four variants of the RDS are available: NATO, Russian, Handgun, and M4S.

The NATO Red Dot comes with a thick, somewhat obstrusive casing, and a simple reticle in the form of a dot. It is worth mentioning that the dot on the NATO variant is somewhat big, and can, to an extent block your line of sight on the object which you're aiming at. The NATO variant also comes with a riser attached on specific weapons, this is done to avoid obstruction of vision when aiming down sight.

The Spetsnaz have access to the Russian Red Dot Sight which is notably smaller than the NATO Red Dot Sight, and features a thin casing but a more complicated reticle.

The Handgun variant was introduced in Operation Blood Orchid, to the RG-15. It features a thin casing and a small reticle, and is relatively small in size. Later, this sight was also applied to the Bailiff 410 and the P-10C. This sight is pre-attached and cannot be modified.

The M4S variant was introduced in the Operation Shadow Legacy expansion, featuring a less obstructive casing and a smaller reticle compared to the NATO. The downside is that the M4S variant obstructs the bottom right portion view when aiming down sights. It has become available for several primary weapons.

Weapon Incompatibility[]

Incompatibility List (Excludes Handguns)
Light Machine Guns
Marksman Rifles
Machine Pistols



Patch Changes[]