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Not to be confused with the Barricade
"The contraption itself is something of our own creation and we spent a lot of time thinking about how to do this in a functional but realistic way. We arrived at the idea of having interlocking metal components that are spring loaded at the base. You activate the wall and once it’s reached full length, pistons attached to it will shoot through the wall and expand, locking it in place."
— Rainbow Six Siege Blog
Reinforced Wall

Two-thirds of the garage door is reinforced by the reinforced wall.

Reinforcements are a fortification gadget featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. They can render breachable walls and hatches invincible to regular breaching gadgets.

They are used by Defender Operators and White Masks in Terrorist Hunt. They may only be breached by Thermite, Hibana, Maverick and Engineer-type White Masks. In Outbreak mode, they were available for all Operators once picked up and could be breached by Breachers.


All defending Operators are equipped with two reinforced walls except the Recruit, who only carries one. One Reinforced Wall may be replenished upon interacting with an ammunition cache, allowing for a maximum of five walls to be resupplied.

Wall Reinforcement

Wall Reinforcements can only be placed on fully destructible walls (i.e. walls with wooden supports or no supports). Most destructible walls in Rainbow Six Siege are divided into 2-3 equal sized sections, with one Reinforced Wall covering one section when reinforcing. Reinforced Walls are always deployed to cover one section, and cannot be freely placed on any location of a wall. The width of a Reinforced Wall is dependent on the section it is reinforcing. Some of the smaller walls only need one Wall Reinforcement.

To place down a wall, players need to go up a wall, hold down the placement key while the animation runs, and once the animation is complete, the section of the wall players have selected to reinforce is now reinforced. If the player lets go of the placement key, the reinforcement will be canceled and the wall will be returned to the player's inventory. The process will not be interrupted if the player is shot, but will not be successful if they are killed before it is complete. This can be useful, though, as it allows players to quickly react to any unexpected breaches. Reinforced wall's bulletproof cover will also protect players as they are being placed.

When the wall reinforcement "bar" is placed on the ground during the deployment animation, it will squash and destroy any gadgets placed beneath it. During deployment, it will destroy all gadgets and map props placed on the wall.

If a non-reinforced destructible wall is destroyed, players can still reinforce it by going up near it. If a reinforced wall is destroyed, players cannot re-reinforce it.

Reinforced walls have fixed heights, though map walls can be higher and thus leave a small unreinforced section at the top.

Trap Door Reinforcement

Reinforced Walls are also consumed when reinforcing trap doors, or hatches. Trap doors can only be reinforced from the topside, so players will have to venture out to find the top.

Breaching & Counter-Breaching

Reinforced walls can be breached by the attackers Thermite, Hibana, and Maverick, each with a different approach. Mute's Signal Jammer can prevent Thermite and Hibana's charges from detonating, and Bandit's Shock Wire and Kaid's Electroclaw can prevent or destroy breaching charges by electrifying the wall. Maverick's blowtorch cannot be countered by either, however, and he can create small holes in the wall to get rid of any wall defenses, leaving it vulnerable to the other attackers' gadgets.


  • Reinforced Walls are best placed in rooms surrounding the objective where players cannot afford for them to be breached by the Attackers and are effective in creating chokepoints as a result. Defenders should also pay attention to any trap doors above the objective and reinforce accordingly.
  • Despite this, players should not fortify every available wall as it will effectively trap them and deny possible means of flanking. This will also give Attackers an easier time to dispatch the Defenders as they are all in relatively close proximity.
  • Another viable reason to not fortify walls is that once normal walls have been breached, Defenders may still deploy a reinforced wall over them, even if none of the original wall remains, effectively repairing it. However, a breached reinforced wall cannot be replaced.
  • It is generally non-sensical to reinforce the walls between bomb sites, as it's both a waste of a reinforcement and prevents other defenders from making holes in the wall for easier access to both rooms.



  • Reinforced Walls originally did not protect players as they were placing them. This was changed in an update with the release of the Operation Black Ice expansion.[1]
  • Each Wall placed grants 10 XP to the player. A good amount of XP can come out for a player who installs Reinforced Walls throughout the objective area. In Terrorist Hunt, the players have an unlimited supply of Walls from the Ammunition box on Normal difficulty and can turn the objective area into a steel box.


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