Relentless Lancet is the fifth mission of the Gameboy Advance version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

Mission objective:Edit

Control - Cooperation with Russian Intel provided us with useful information. Behind Heulsbeck and the Ship's takeover could be the same organization, led by a new Russian Mafia boss, Alexei Kiriakov. We know he will soon be traveling to his private estate north of Kursk. 

Your mission is to infiltrate the estate and plant surveillance devices within the building. Surveillance indicates that security systems have been set up somewhere inside. Deactivate them as soon as possible - you have to avoid being detected. 

This is a pure recon mission. USE OF DEADLY FORCE IS NOT SANCTIONED ON THIS OPERATION. If Kiriakov's guards detect you while you are in the house or on its grounds the mission will be a failure. 


John Clark - Alexei Kiriakov. The Russians say he is responsible for all the trouble we've had lately, but we still need first hand evidence. Because of our good relations, the Russians are willing to look the other way while we're operating on their territory. Go wire the place and get out unnoticed. Remember, if you get caught, valuable intelligence will be lost and our relationship with the Russians will be in jeopardy. 

Mission successEdit

John Clark - The recon was successful, we now have definitive evidence. The material acquired on Alexei Kiriakov revealed that the Russians were right. He is pulling the strings of a new terror network and orchestrated all of the four terrorist operations Rainbow had to deal with this month. 

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