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Renown is the currency featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It is used to unlock all Operators as well as attachments and customization items. It is the in-game alternative to R6 Credits which is obtained with real-world money. Winning Ranked or Unranked give twice the amount of renown compare to Quick Match.


  • Completion of Multiplayer matches.
  • Completion of Situations matches. Each star obtained in Situations will award an additional 200 R6S-renown-icon.png
  • Completion of Terrorist Hunt matches
  • Completion of Daily Challenges, awarding 250 R6S-renown-icon.png each
  • Completion of Weekly challenges in the Ubisoft Club


Renown boosters are available for purchase through R6 Credits or the Ubisoft Club. Each booster has the following effects on how Renown is obtained.

  • +100% Renown bonus
  • +10% Renown bonus for teammates
  • +50% for a full team with active Boosters
  • Boosters stacks up to a total of +190% Renown bonus