Reverent Snow is the sixth mission of the Gameboy Advance version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

Mission objective:

Control - Intelligence reports that Kiriakov is visiting his estate. Your mission is to storm the estate and capture Kiriakov and his staff. Security is tight so watch out for guards.

Kiriakov is dangerous, return fire if fired upon.


John Clark - Now it's time to get Kiriakov, but this man is psychotic, so be ready for the worst.

We don't know why the Russian Mafia kept us busy with such a scheme, but we're going to put an end to this today. Because of our in-depth knowledge of the estate, the Russians have again agreed to let us handle this one.

Mission success

John Clark - This mission wasn't an easy one, the opposition was more than expected. You did a good job.

With the blessing of the Russians, Kiriakov was flown out of the country and is safely being held at the military hospital here at Hereford. His health condition is critical, but we'll try to question him as soon as possible.

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