Riccardo Miccini is a character that appears in the Athena Sword expansion to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield.


Riccardo Miccini is a businessman who owns several properties across Europe. In 2007, Miccini allowed Giovanni Bagattini and members of the People's Social Nationalist Party to store chemical weapons and other banned substances at his warehouse in Palermo, Sicily. Rainbow became aware of the site on June 29 after several members of the PSNP opened fire on local police and Interpol agents who had attempted to conduct a raid. Rainbow was able to secure the chemical weapons and rescue several hostages. After completing an inventory of the warehouse, it was determined that it had a conclusive connection to Nikola Gospić's operation in South America and the terrorist attack in Milan.

On July 6, 2007, Miccini was located in Hotel D'Erlette along the waterfront in Montecarlo, Monaco. When police asked him to come quietly for questioning, he signaled his bodyguards to open fire and take several of the hotel security hostage. Rainbow arrived at the hotel and was able to dispatch Miccini's men and captured him. Miccini cut a deal with the Sicilian authorities for leniency. He informed Rainbow that his only contact of the PSNP and the man responsible for stockpiling weapons in his warehouse was Giovanni Bagattini. He then said of how Bagattini intended to sell the chemical weapons on Cyprus and that he knew nothing about Alvaro Gutierrez or Nikola Gospić.


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