Rocket Facility
Rocket Facility
Location Buynaksk, Daghestan
Date September 27, 2008
22:30 Hours
Objective Defuse Dirty Bomb
Rescue Hostage
Prevent Missile Launch
Game Rainbow Six Black Arrow
Previous mission Military Base
Rocket Facility is the tenth mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow.


Apparently, Yaganov and several tycoons were planning on starting a regional war by launching warhead-prepped missiles at capitals & population centers. In the chaos, they would make a landgrab in the most oil-rich parts, and form their own establishment. The plan sounds great on paper, but not on any form of press whatsoever. Your job is to make sure their lone warhead is not launched, along with rescuing any undercover agent at the site, and to defuse a dirty bomb.


Mission 10 Alpha

John Clark - This is it, gentlemen. The stakes are high, but I know you're up to it. You're looking at aerial surveillance of an old Russian missile facility in southwest Daghestan. The site was slated for demolition ten years ago but somehow managed to escape. Now we know why.

Mission 10 Bravo

This is a photo of the base, this time from a UAV overflight. That's a kuryer they're prepping for launch. We've got at least one active missile in play at the site, and it's at most hours from being ready to fly.

Mission 10 Charlie

The intel you recovered on the last mission clears up the last bits of the mystery. General Yaganov and his backers were planning on using the missiles to start a regional war. Their targets: every local capital and population center. In the chaos, they'd make a land grab right in the middle of Caucasus oil country. They've got the men and the backing to do it - if they can pull off the first part of their plan. Even one launch could kick the ball rolling. That's where we come in.

Mission 10 Delta

Your most important objective is to make sure that the missile does not fire. Take down anyone prepping it for launch and make sure that the bird does not leave the cradle.

Mission 10 Echo

Before you do that, there's another issue to deal with. We kept the tangos from getting their hands on the fuel rods, but they did manage to obtain some IR-192 on the black market. that means we have a dirty bomb on site. This is the building we believe houses the device. Approach it cautiously. If the terrorists discover that the base is under attack, they will detonate the bomb. Defuse it before you move on to your other objectives, and do so without being detected.

Mission 10 Foxtrot

This surveillance photo was taken by a Dagestani intelligence agent named Omar Saduevich. He was captured during his last operation. So far, it looks like his cover's holding, but we need to get him out.

Mission 10 Golf

Intel estimates he's being held inside this building, here. The Russians provided the schematic. And it looks like you can approach by this route, here. You'll need to move quickly, however, to rescue him. We don't know how long it will be before they either make him talk or kill him.

Mission 10 Hotel

To bring everything home, you're going to need to disable the missile. Anyone working to prep it for launch is a target. Even if that thing is just packing a conventional warhead, it could still trigger unimaginable bloodshed. Shut them down. Millions of lives depend on it. I won't insult you by wishing you good luck. You're the best. Now go prove it.

Mission success

John Clark - The crisis has been averted. There will be no launch. Russian troops have sealed off the area, so no one's getting out. All that's left is the cleanup, and that's someone else's job. You've already done the hard part.