Roger McAllen
Roger McCallen
Biographical information
Nationality Flag of Canada Canadian
Born June 6, 1964
Birth place Toronto, Canada
Family Father
Affiliation(s) Badge of the Canadian Army Canadian Army
Royal Canadian Mounted Police.svg Royal Mounted Police
Occupation Rainbow operative
Identification number RCT0011-A1932
Specialty Demolitions
Appearances Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield
Rainbow Six: Lockdown
Physical description
Height 185 centimeters
Weight 95 kilograms
Hair color Brown
Eye color Hazel

Roger McAllen is a Canadian Rainbow operative.


Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Father is a senior officer with the Royal Bank of Canada. Mother is deceased. One sister, still a resident of Toronto. Joined the Canadian Army as a Field Engineer, 1981. Served one tour of duty, 1981-85. Received advanced training in both combat diving and explosive ordnance disposal. Upon discharge joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and in 1988 became a member of the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT), the RCMP's elite counter-terrorism unit. When SERT was disbanded in 1993, he helped coordinate the transition of counter-terrorist responsibilities to the Canadian Armed Forces' newly formed Joint Task Force Two (JTF-2). McAllen re-enlisted in 1994 and became a full member of JTF-2 the same year. He has participated in counter-terrorist actions on three continents, including the JTF-2 extended operations in 1996-97 against war criminals in Bosnia. Married in 1984, divorced in 1992. One child, a daughter, born 1986, lives with her mother in London, Ontario. McAllen is a specialist in multiple areas. He is an excellent shot and is extremely aggressive in combat situations, making him a good choice as a member of an assault team, but he also has extensive experience with bomb disposal and demolitions. He is an amateur power-lifter and his strength and stamina make him a formidable opponent. Team leads should be warned that he performs better in a subordinate rather than a command position. He has a hearty, good-natured manner and spends his off-duty time socializing with a wide circle of friends, most of them current or ex-military men.