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Siege Extraction

Julien "Rook" Nizan is a REACT Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. He is unlocked at Development Milestone 5.


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Rrook was specifically recruited to join REACT for his exceptional marksmanship skills. Trained by the Gendarmerie Nationale, and later operating with GIGN, he is known for his adaptability under extreme stress. His boron-ceramic armor plates increase survivability and combat effectiveness of the team by providing additional protection which Rook can hand out when needed against the Archæans.

Gameplay Description[]

Armor Pack.png
  • Armor Pack
    R1N "Rhino" Armor Pack


Level Image Name Description Cosmetic
1 Gadget REACT Armor Crate.png Armor Pack Drops a pack of armor plates for the team, granting damage resistance. Anyone wearing armor always falls to downed instead of KO. N/A
2 N/A Armored Up Rook and VIPs have an armor plate applied by default. Headgear: HZ-Tarp
3 N/A Arsenal Update Gains access to the MP5 sub machine gun and the P9 handgun. N/A
4 Gadget REACT Body Armour.png Armor IV Incoming damage reduced by 30%. N/A
5 N/A Gear Up Carries 1 additional REACT explosive. Uniform: HZ-Tarp
6 N/A Arsenal Update Gains access to the HK417 marksman Rifle and the SG-CQB shotgun. N/A
7 N/A Trauma Plates Armor damage resistance increased to 30%. Uniform: Status Symbol
8 N/A Speed III Movement speed increased by 25%. N/A
9 N/A Arsenal Update Gains access to the V308 assault rifle. N/A
10 N/A Armored Revival An armor plate is automatically applied to Rook when revived. Damage resistance increased to 40%. Headgear: Status Symbol


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