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The Rooter is an Archæan that appears in the Outbreak event of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction.


Rooters are organisms produced by the Chimera Parasite in response with the need to quickly corner and immobilize threats within its environment. During the initial infestation stage of the Chimera Parasite, hosts are infected and mutated into Rooters. On Earth, Rooters were initially produced through the infection of humans during the 2018 outbreak in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Females are the preferred hosts to become Rooters, possibly due the increased speed from their slender frames.

Once infected, the host is driven insane as their appendages are elongated and replaced with razor sharp carapace blades. Large Spikes will also grow out of their heads to protect their vital points. These blade appendages enable a Rooter to move quickly on all fours. When alerted to threats, human Rooters will plant their blades into the ground, launching tendrils towards hostiles and trapping them in place. It is also capable of using this ability to disappear into the ground and reemerge at another location.

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The Parasite later adapted to start assimilating organic matter into itself rather than infecting hosts. Through Sprawl, it started producing Archæan Rooters in lieu of human Rooters. Like a human Rooter, an Archæan Rooter is predominantly quadrupedal but features a more alien appearance. With the introduction of the Tormentor, Archæan Rooters have lost the ability to sink into the ground. As a result, the Parasite has made them more muscular to increase their strength at the cost of some speed.

Archæan Rooters retain the same role of trapping threats within its environment which is accomplished by projecting viscous tendrils of Sprawl along the ground. Contact with the tendrils will immobilize target and cause damage by attempting to penetrate the target's armor. REACT scientists have theorized that this is done in an attempt to feed off and/or infect threats.


Rooters display a sentry-like behavior. They will actively seek out threats within a biome and will destroy obstacles in their way. When in close quarters, they will attack with their carapace-hardened appendages.



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Rooters are special enemies that teleport in and out of the battlefield as they launch coral spikes for attacking and trapping enemies.

Appearing alongside Grunts and Breachers, Rooters are the most mobile of Roaches, as they will attempt to teleport away when they take some damage. And when nearing death, Rooters are at their strongest.


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Rooters are Tier 2 enemies that appear in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. Rooters will actively patrol areas and will immediately investigate any noises. Once alerted, they will head towards players and launch tendril spikes in the ground in front of them. This will damage and immobilize any player directly in their path, leaving them vulnerable to attack by other enemies. If caught, players can shoot the Rooter to be released from its tendrils.

A Rooter's weak point is located on the side their necks. This can be hard to hit due to the carapace spikes shielding its head. This can be countered by have one player distract it while the other targets its weak point. Should a player get too close to it, a Rooter will use its arms to strike. As with other enemies, they can be dispatched effectively with a Takedown after being stunned.



Ash Study Portrait.pngEye In The Sky (Alaska)

Scout Ahead
Objective Ping 3 Lurkers, Rooters and Smashers. 15,000 XP
Brief "Keep battle-ready at all times. Recon enemy locations to alert your team." - Ash
Logbook Research Report: "Visible Spectrum"

"To Elena and Jordan, Additional data on Chimera types: Lurker, Rooter, and Smasher is on its way. Check out the electromagnetic radiation lab tests on the Lurker's cloaking ability. Maybe there's more to the molecular structure of the Chromatophores than we thought. Seems that we aren't seeing everything." - Ash

Mira Study Portrait.pngUnrooting (Alaska)

Rooter Vulnerability
Objective Obliterate a Rooter with its Weak Point. 15,000 XP

1 Codex Entry
Brief "Rooter attacks can be dodged, and will release its grip if inflicted with enough damage. Flanking is the most effective tactic to reach the Weak Point on its back." - Mira
Logbook Personal AK-2106

"Gustave believes the Chimera bacteria could uncover leaps in human medicine. Along with his Operator duties, he's asked Eliza to assign him to the Biomed lab. There is still so much we don't know. The complexity of this organism has behaviors we haven't yet identified. It could be too dangerous. But then... REACT is the only organization that could explore these avenues safely. And Doc is Doc. How can Eliza say, 'no'?" - Mira

No Touchy
Objective Kill or Assist killing 3 Rooters before they root anyone. Charms Logo Epic.pngMaximus Rekt Charm

15,000 XP
Brief "Rooters are a challenging enemy. Coordinate with your squadmates and ensure someone is maintaining line of sight on the Weak Point of its back." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Root System Phenomenon"

"While the function of the Rooter's root system is understood, it's unclear how it seems to appear from 'nowhere'. Does this have anything to do with visible spectrum? These phenomena are connected. Sending all data to INDEX for extensive analysis." - Mira

Objective Stun 3 Rooters. 15,000 XP
Brief "It takes firepower to disengage from the Rooter's root system. Don't risk valuable time and ammo: Use Stun Grenades or other gadgets to free yourself." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Quantum Properties"

"Jordan! I've been so busy I only just read your Tactical Log. When you mentioned geomagnetic fields that made me think of bird navigation. Did you that bird navigation utilizes quantum properties? So does photosynthesis! If that is true, it isn't beyond the realm of possibility that an organism like the Chimera is utilizing this as well. If this is right, I'll buy dinner!" - Mira

Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
No Hugs Achievement.png No Hugs Kill 50 Rooters without being caught by them. 15G Bronze
Ubisoft Connect[]
Image Name Description Reward
Personal Space Challenge.png Personal Space Kill 15 Rooters 50 Connect XP



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