Location Tozeur, Tunisia
Date August 14, 2008
01:30 Hours
Objective Neutralize Terrorists
Hack Laptop
Game Rainbow Six Black Arrow
Next mission Agora
Previous mission Castle
Ruins is the seventh mission in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow.


The lone terrorist who was let go in the last mission ran right back to his buddies in the middle of nowhere. Intel photos of an ancient Roman complex have revealed numerous guards around the perimeter for a desolate temple. Intel believes this is the main HQ of the terrorists in the Bulgarian and Milan operations from previous missions. You are to assault this base, take out all tangos, and eradicate any existence of the terrorist cell. Unfortunately, the complex is full of winding tunnels, alternate paths, and routes that can make it seem like a maze. Use your instincts on this one.


Mission 7 Alpha

John Clark - The Milan operation was a complete success. Dr. Zhilinski was recovered, the terrorists taken care of. And valuable intel was discovered. We also let one terrorist go, in the hopes that he'd run right back to his buddies.

Mission 7 Bravo

We hit the jackpot. This is a UAV picture of an old Roman temple complex outside Tozeur, Tunisia. You'll notice the sentries here, here, and here. That's not standard practice for historical sites out in the middle of the desert.

Mission 7 Charlie

This is a surveillance photo of the site. note the massive temple construct in the center . That's where we think the main base of operations is. Hitting the temple will be your initial objective. I expect the place will be a maze inside, though, so be sure to clear the complex thoroughly. Look for tunnels and side passages. No one escapes this time; no one gets out.

Mission 7 Delta

Intel is finding links between the group in Bulgaria and the kidnappers who were going after the scientists earlier. That leads us to a disturbing conclusion. Anyone trying to put missile expertise together with nuclear material is bad news, and needs to be stopped, now.

Mission 7 Echo

Here's another surveillance photo, this time of one of the sentries. He's clearly not local and surveillance recordings indicate that most of the men are speaking various Russian dialects. The pieces are starting to come together, gentlemen. It's time to smash the puzzle.

Mission success

John Clark - It's a shame such a beautiful complex had such an ugly secret. The intel you retrieved should let us track down all of the extant cells for this group, and we'll be working with local and national groups to shut them all down at once. This is a big win, gentlemen. Good work.