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"Founded in 1941, the Special Air Service (S.A.S) was a unit of the British Army during WW2. The S.A.S. moved from obscurity in 1980 when they successfully rescued hostages from the Iranian Embassy siege. Their focus is on counter terrorism, hostage rescues and covert operations."
Siege In-game description

The Special Air Service, commonly abbreviated to SAS, is a special forces regiment of the British Army, first active from 1941 to 1945, then from 1947 onward. They conduct diverse unconventional warfare. Before entering, soldiers go through a difficult training course called "Selection". If a soldier passes, they are transferred into either the air, boat, or mobility unit. As well as this, all three regiments that form the Special Air Service have a main and reserve counter-terrorism unit.

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  • Curiously enough, the SAS Recruits have a light armored rating.