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|type = Shotgun
|type = Shotgun
|operation = Semi-automatic
|operation = Semi-automatic
|damage per hit = 50 (x8)<br />42 (x8) <small>(Suppressed)</small>
|damage per hit = '''<u>Standard</u>'''<br />49 (x8) <small>(0-2m)</small><br />14 (x8) <small>(15+m)</small><br />'''<u>Suppressed</u>'''<br />42 (x8) <small>(0-2m)</small><br />10 (x8) <small>(15+m)</small>
|rate of fire = ~360 RPM
|rate of fire = ~360 RPM
|mobility = 50
|mobility = 50

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"Semi-automatic shotgun, favored by Spetsnaz. Limited range, large spread decreases accuracy."
— In-game description

The SASG-12 is a weapon featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It is available for use by Spetsnaz Recruits and Operators Finka, Kapkan and Tachanka.


The SASG-12 is one of the most potent, close-ranged, semi-automatic shotguns next to the SPAS-12. In terms of damage and fire rate, this magazine-fed shotgun can easily tear a target to pieces. Long-range is inadvisable, though that goes without saying. It's still a powerful weapon even with a Suppressor, which brings the damage on par with the other semi-automatic shotguns.

Weapon Attachments

Under Barrel

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