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The SCAR-H (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle) is a battle rifle variant of the FN SCAR that chambers 7.62×51mm NATO rounds. The CQC variation offers a shortened barrel, making it optimal for Close-Quarters Combat, hence the initials.

The SCAR-H CQC is categorized as an assault rifle in the Rainbow Six universe. The SCAR-H CQC appears in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and Operation Dust Line expansion of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. The weapon was also set to appear in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Patriots, up until its cancellation.


The SCAR-H CQC is a weapon featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas.


The weapon is a high damaging weapon that takes out terrorists with only a few rounds. Ammunition is not that prevalent for the weapon in story mode due to terrorists only using it in select areas of the story. Terrorists never actually use the weapon in Terrorist Hunt. The sights are good, but a player might suffer at range, since the target could get lost in the small iron sight of the weapon. The weapon is Gabriel Nowak's preferred rifle in the Mexico mission.


The weapon is above average in multiplayer because it is a high damaging, slow firing weapon. The rate of fire is rather forgettable but the accuracy and range easily make up for this. The weapon is Gabriel Nowak's preferred rifle in the Mexico mission.

Weapon Attachments[]

Vegas 2[]

The SCAR-H CQC is a weapon featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Since Vegas 1 and 2 share the same engine and models, the weapon appears in the same configuration as its Vegas 1 counterpart.

Weapon Attachments[]



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The subject of this article, SCAR-H CQC, has been cut from the final version of a Rainbow Six game.

The SCAR-H CQC was set to appear in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Patriots before its cancellation. The weapon was seen in the announcement trailer for the game.


"7.62x51mm caliber assault rifle, adapted for close quarter operations, high damage and severe recoil."
— In-game description

The Mk17 CQB is an assault rifle featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It was introduced in the Operation Dust Line expansion and is available for use by Blackbeard.[1]


The Mk17 CQB suffers from a dreadful damage output that puts it on par with the UMP45. Combining an underwhelming single-shot damage of 40 and an extremely slow fire rate of 585, the Mk17 CQB is the weakest Assault Rifle with the slowest Time To Kill of its class against Operators of all Armor Ratings. To top it off, the Mk17 has a measly magazine capacity of 20+1 rounds. Equipping Blackbeard's Rifle Shield gadget significantly lengthens the Mk17 CQB's ADS time.


  • Moderate recoil
  • Relatively fast reload speed


  • Low rate of fire
  • Low damage per shot and overall damage
  • Slow ADS time with Rifle Shield equipped
  • Harsh damage dropoff
  • Low magazine capacity

Weapon Attachments[]

Under Barrel


Patch Changes[]


Vegas 1 & 2[]

  • The SCAR-H CQC is modeled with a foregrip, and the grip does not take up an attachment slot.
  • The weapon still incorrectly feeds 30 rounds out of a modeled 20 round magazine, just like in the previous game.
  • The stock, pistol grip, and gas block of the weapon give it away as a first-generation SCAR-H model.


  • As a weapon exclusive to its Operator, the Mk17 CQB comes with two irremovable locks that hold the Rifle-Shield in place.
  • The rifle's designation, Mk17 CQB, likely refers to the Mk 17, an updated version of the SCAR-H, and Close Quarters Battle, an alternate term for Close Quarters Combat.
  • The default skin of the rifle has a barcode and a QR code on it. The barcode says "Numbers to Letters", while the QR code reads "The EUF knows, pack your things and run".