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"Short range assault rifle, with low to medium stopping power depending on the caliber."
— In-game description

The 556xi is an assault rifle featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. It is available for use by Thermite and Osa.


The 556xi is suited for medium range engagements. While its fire rate is nothing to shrug off at just below 700 RPM, it still leaves something to be desired in close range combat in comparison to faster firing weapons.

While manageable, the vertical and horizontal recoil of the 556xi are both relatively average and could use some improvements. The Flash Hider is a well-rounded option for improving the controllability of this weapon. Alternatively, the Compensator will be the best bet for players that prefer to fire in long sprays, since unpredictable horizontal bounces start to occur from the 4th shot.


  • High damage per shot
  • Low recoil overall


  • Slow rate of fire
  • Slow empty reload
  • Steep damage dropoff

Weapon Attachments[]

Under Barrel

Learning Area[]

In the No Intel Situation, the Operator deployed is Thermite, who is equipped with a 556xi and an M45 MEUSOC as a sidearm. The 556xi is equipped with the NATO Red Dot Sight, Vertical Grip, and Flash Hider as its attachments.



  • In some stills, the 556xi is equipped with a Red Dot Sight or an ACOG Sight, a Compensator or a Muzzle Brake, and a Vertical Grip.
  • Glaz is seen using a 556xi in first three videos (SAS, FBI, and GIGN) of the Inside Rainbow official trailers, switching to his official OTs-03 only in the last two videos.[1][2][3] The 556xi in these videos has several in-dev features:
    • The rifle uses the OTs-03 firing sound.
    • Glaz's right hand is off the grip and the trigger.
    • The model is slightly different; it has more segments on the railed handguard and uses R4-C-styled diamond iron sights.
  • At 3.7 seconds, the 556xi has the slowest empty reload time of all Assault Rifles.

Patch Changes[]