The SIM-SUIT is a piece of clothing featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Developed by Mira and R6 Labs, it is only available on the Stadium map. The material serves as an Operator's first layer of clothing. It provides real-time simulated feedback of any damage an Operator receives. While clothing provides no physical protection to Operators, it does allow them to absorb more damage than real combat.[1]


Each Operator will be wearing a SIM-SUIT that has been developed by R6-LABS. It is their first layer of clothing, worn beneath all of their combat gear. The SIM-SUIT provides real-time telemetry of all contact the Operator receives and calculates its simulated damage, providing near-instantaneous feedback.

Once simulated damage has reached or exceeded its limit, Operators must remain immobile. They will then be alerted when all other Operators have cleared their vicinity, exiting the Map and heading off to their respective sidelines. Naturally, all headshots are “instant-kill”. It is important to note that the SIM-SUIT provides no protection to the Operator. The simulation rounds and explosives used during the tournament are non-lethal and when contacting an operator, detonate as white smoke. However, they are still ballistic, high-energy projectiles. They will hurt. And depending on the point of contact, they will hurt a lot.

Finally, while the system allows the Operators to absorb more “damage” than real-world combat, the “softer” lethality will demand more from them; they will have to work harder for their “kills”.

-Dr. Elena “Mira” Álvarez, Director of R&D



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