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Sabotage is a mission objective featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It tasks players with planting explosives to destroy Arch Spines


At the start of the subzone, players must locate two Arch Spines and plant explosives on them. It is advised to clear all Sprawl and fortify the area around both Arch Spines. In solo incursions, only one Arch Spine must be destroyed. Once the second explosive is planted, a countdown timer of one minute and thirty seconds will start and waves of enemies will converge to destroy the explosives.

Players must defend both explosives for the duration of the timer. Defensive Operators such as Tachanka or Jäger are effective for defending the explosives. If players are unable to defend either of the two explosives, the objective will fail. If successful, the Arch Spines will be crippled and enemies will stop spawning.