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"It ages the subject photos. This one is Petra Dortmund. We only have two photos of her, both almost fifteen years old. So, I’m aging her by fifteen years, playing with hair color, too. Nice thing about women—no beards. And they’re usually too vain to pork up, like our pal Carlos did. This one, check out the eyes."
— Major Bennett to Domingo Chavez

Major Sam Bennett is a character that appears in Rainbow Six. A member of the USAF, he works in the Communications Department of Rainbow under Bill Tawney.


Sam Bennett commissioned into the United States Air Force in 1987. He was later assigned to the National Security Agency, working in the basement of the NSA's Watch Center in Fort Meade, Maryland. By 1999, Bennett had achieved the rank of Major. He had also married and had a son at some point. With the formation of the Rainbow counter-terrorism unit, Bennett was reassigned to work in Rainbow's Communications Department at their headquarters in Hereford, England. Bennett's job was to oversee the "minders" who reviewed various news broadcasts across the world for potential terrorist threats.

Not long after his assignment with Rainbow, a corporal notified Bennett of a hostage situation at a bank in Bern, Switzerland. Bennett routed news of the situation to Bill Tawney who requested that the British Embassy have Tony Armitage contact him if they found more information. Afterwards, Tawney and Bennett continued to monitor the news broadcasts before John Clark and later Domingo Chavez and Eddie Price joined them. The situation at the bank soon escalated and resulted in the execution of a hostage. Shortly after, Rainbow was officially tasked with rescuing the hostages.

Following the successful mission in Bern, Bennet continued to monitor teleprinters for criminal activity. With activity at a minimum, Bennet was compiling a computerized list of known terrorists through photos and written reports. To help identify older terrorists, Bennet had Tim Noonan install a program from the FBI Headquarters Division Technical Services that would allow him to age old photos to what they might currently look like. Bennet demonstrated the program to Chavez and Clark by aging photos of Petra Dortmund and Hans Fürchtner.


  • Bennett jogs three miles every morning to "let the local collection of snake-eaters know he wasn't a total wimp".
  • Bennett states that Tawney was the best boss he ever had. He regularly shared drinks with Tawney in the Hereford Officer's Club.
  • He is a fan of golf.