Samed Vezirzade is an Azerbaijani mob boss and is the secondary antagonists of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.


Samed Vezirzade was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1954, to a prominent local family. He received a degree in petrochemical engineering from the University of Moscow in 1973. Since then he started to harbor a deep hatred for the West which only increased as he grew older. Vezirzade would then return to Azerbaijan where he initially worked in the exploration division of Azerneftegaz. During the reforms of the mid-80's, Vezirzade used his family connections to advance himself to a position of considerable power within the local petroleum industry. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, he became the leader of the so called "Oil Mafia" and gained control of all oil production within Azerbaijan.

His position within the organization resulted in the exponential growth of his personal fortune to the hundreds of millions. His vast fortune and public agenda toward Europe and the United States led to several intelligence agencies listing him as a potential terrorist threat. In 1995, Vezirzade became the owner of the 400 year old Persian Fortress Nadar where he then partially restored it and began using it as the headquarters of his operations in Azerbaijan. Vezirzade went on to become very secretive about his private life and movement in the ensueing years, to the point that his whereabouts had been unknown since 1998.

Rogue Spear

In late 2001, Vezirzade launched his personal crusade against the West. He provided amateur terrorists such as the Islamic Vanguard with weapons so that they could carry out terrorist attacks. This included attacks on the Museum of Art in New York City, a seawater treatment plant in Oman, and a plane hijacking in Belgium. Due to the political chaos in Azerbaijan, Vezirzade did not bother to hide his activities as he had diplomatic immunity.

The plane hijacking was the last straw for one of Vezirzade's business associates, however. The associate felt that Vezirzade had gotten out of control and contacted Rainbow, agreeing to talk on the condition of absolute anonymity. He informed Rainbow of one of Vezirzade country houses in Georgia which Rainbow successfully bugged. Intelligence gathered from the bug revealed that criminal elements were illegally buying weapons from sources within the Russian Military and that there would be a new arms deal in St. Petersburg, Russia. On January 14th, 2002, Rainbow successfully interrupted the deal and recovered nuclear weapons grade plutonium which Vezirzade had intended to purchase from Maxim Kutkin for $2 million.

On February 2nd, a Russian informant told Rainbow of a major meeting of Vezirzade's men at his Georgian dacha. Rainbow raided the site and obtained a set of computer files which revealed Kutkin to be assembling nuclear weapons at an unknown location in Siberia. Furious at the theft of his computer files, Vezirzade retaliated by sending terrorists to storm an opera house in Prague of the Czech Republic and kidnap Czech President Hasek. The terrorists then gave the unrealistic demand of releasing all terrorists arrest over the last five years. While Vezirzade knew this demand would never be met, he wanted to make abundantly clear to Rainbow that he could strike whenever and wherever he pleased.

The Russian informant was later revealed to be Russian crime boss Lukyan Barsukov. Barsukov revealed that Kutkin was planning to personally deliver his two remaining nuclear devices to Vezirzade's men in a Moscow trainyard. Rainbow was able to successfully intercept the deal, with Kutkin supposedly killed in the crossfire. Interrogating Vezirzade's men revealed Vezirzade's base of operations in his Azerbaijan fortress. On March 24th, Rainbow raided the facility and successfully neutralized Vezirzade and his men.


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