Samed Vezirzade is an Azerbaijani mob boss and is one of the main antagonists in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.


Samed Vezirzade is an organized crime leader. He was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1954, to a prominent local family. He received a degree in petrochemical engineering from the University of Moscow in 1973. He then returned to Azerbaijan where he initially worked in the exploration division of Azerneftegaz. During the reforms of the mid-80's, Vezirzade used his family connections to advance himself to a position of considerable power within the local petroleum industry. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, he became one of the handfuls of men who control all oil production within Azerbaijan, he is a leader of the so-called Oil Mafia.

Vezirzade's personal fortune is now thought to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. He is very secretive about his private life and his movements although he is still believed to live in Azerbaijan, his whereabouts have not been known since late 1998.

Sources report that since his days as a student at the University of Moscow, Vezirzade has harbored strong negative feelings against the West. Indications have that as he grew older he has only hardened his convictions. With personal monetary funds greater than those of many countries, and an agenda of hate directed at Europe and the United States, he is high on the list of many intelligence agencies as a potential terrorist threat.

Rogue Spear

Vezirzade provided amateur terrorists with weapons so they could carry out attacks on the west, and intended to buy nuclear bombs off Maxim Kutkin to either use them against the west or sell them on the black market to other terrorists who would. After preventing the exchange, Rainbow found Vezirzade's base in Azerbaijan. Their intent was to take him alive if possible, but he and his men fought to the end, and he was shot and killed by a Rainbow operative.

Known Facts

Samed Vezirzade is listed as being "very powerful", "very rich" and "very Anti-western". He is believed to be tied to the Met incident and the nerve-gas incident in Oman, and the airplane hijacking. He usually doesn't bother to cover his tracks. He is an idealist, which results from the fact that he has funded his own private war against the West.


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