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Secure Area is a PVP gamemode featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mobile. It is available in the Quick Match and Arcade playlists as well as several seasonal events.


As with other gamemodes, two teams are pitted against one another in a 5v5 format with a four minute time limit. Attackers are tasked with locating the room housing the biohazard container and holding the position for 10 consecutive seconds. Defenders must stop this from happening by maintaining a presence within the room. All Defenders will be notified when the Attackers start securing the area. The timer will stop and become contested should a Defender enter the room. If the round timer ends and the objective is still contested, the round will go into overtime. Overtime continues until either side is no longer in the objective room.

The match will end if the Attackers secure the area, the round timer expires, or all players on a team have been eliminated.


  • Golden Gun - Arcade mode equipping all players with the one-shot kill D-50
  • Headshot - Arcade mode where players can only be killed by headshots.
  • Showdown - Unique 3v3 variant with Tactical Realism rules. Exclusice to the Showdown seasonal event.
  • Stolen Goods - Introduces safeboxes that must be located and opened around the map. Exclusive to The Grand Larceny seasonal event.
  • Special Secure Area - Features two objective locations. Exclusive to the M.U.T.E. Protocol seasonal event.
  • Rengoku - Features three active objectives out of seven locations. Both teams can capture objectives and respawning is allowed. Exclusive to the Rengoku seasonal event.