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"Fighting hostiles is like... solving a puzzle. All the pieces are a total mess. Then, you solve it as if you always knew the answer."
— Sens

Néon Ngoma Mutombo, codenamed Sens, is an Attacking Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation Vector Glare expansion.


Growing up in altight knit family unit, Ngoma was able to pursue their interests without much resistance. They learned everything they could about psychology and physics, all the while receiving classical music training with their two younger siblings. Ngoma also learned the basics of mechanics in their father's garage, effectively rounding out the skillset that they would later apply in their career.

They excelled in tactical training and military sciences, going on to become a combat engineer. Bright and imaginative, Ngoma proved invaluable in every task they tackled. They would support their comrades with strategies and technologies to divert enemies attention and break down hostile defenses. Their specialization in such tactics, which had the reputation of minimizing casualties on all sides without compromising objectives, earned Ngoma several service medals. They eventually caught the attention of the Belgian Special Forces Group, under which they have served ever since.

In 2022, Ngoma was approached by Gilles "Montagne" Touré and Emmanuelle "Twitch" Pichon and was recruited into Rainbow's humanitarian squad, Wolfguard. Afterwards, Ngoma took the time to train with Montagne and Olivier "Lion" Flament to become familiar with their capabilities. Shortly after, the three of them were deployed on Operation Vector Glare to rescue an architect who was being held hostage at a refinery by local militia. It was believed that this architect held schematics that would detail how Nighthaven was involved in Masayuki Yahata's assassination. After entering the refinery, Ngoma took point and singlehandedly dispatched most of the militia. They were then confronted by a militiman wielding a minigun. With Montagne using his shield as cover, Ngoma threw their R.O.U. to flank and kill the man. They then used the man's helmet to convince the two remaining militia members to release the architect without further issue.

Psychological Report

Assessing Specialist Néon "Sens" Ngoma was difficult at times. They have a habit of diverting the conversation to theories of psychology, rather than how it applies to them. Still, I was able to get the information I was looking for in the moments in-between. When speaking of their understanding of human behavior, they often bring up childhood memories of people-watching and solving puzzles. Much like a puzzle cube needs to be aligned in a precise sequence, Ngoma predicts how people will react with the right push. […]

When asked about their upbringing, they only have good things to say about their family. Their parents, one Belgian and the other Congolese, were happy to support all three siblings in their (quite different) career choices. Ngoma recalls that when they and their youngest sibling came out, their father insisted that the only thing he expected of his children was honesty.

Whatever difficulties they might have encountered between then and now have done nothing to quell their spirit. Being warm and open is, as Ngoma says, not just a great way to make friends, but also their way of spiting those who try to get in their way. It seems to be working out well for them so far. […]

As I often try to do these days, I inquired about Ngorna's hobbies, and I was surprised to learn that music has a big place in their life. They praised it as the universal language of love. They connect to the world by listening to artists from all over, to their father's heritage with songs from his home, and to their youngest sibling by playing her EDM sets at every opportunity. […]

Ngoma is a complex person, and I understand that certain things must be experienced in order to be understood. Still. I'm confident that they will feel at home with Wolfguard. There's something about their kindness that I can only describe as defiant. That's the sort of attitude that is sure to mesh well with Doc.

- Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey, Behavioral Analyst


>>Initial Report on SENS

"I had heard of specialist Néon “Sens” Ngoma Mutombo and their tactics. I accompanied Twitch in Belgium to recruit them, and we have been training side by side since. They are eager to prepare for the upcoming Operation, and I look forward to seeing their skills applied to a real situation.

Having put it to practice in training sessions, I can say with confidence that the R.O.U. Projector System will be a strategic marvel that can be leveraged by the whole team with good communication. Denying lines of sight works in almost every situation. It forces all enemies to reconsider their tactics and their positioning.

Sens’ loadout makes them a one-person army, as they can bring any of their weapons and still be ready for any eventuality. The new POF-9 assault rifle is incredibly reliable, so I understand why it might be their weapon of choice. The 417 marksman rifle is a powerful option. The SDP 9mm is a solid secondary weapon, but I saw how quickly they took to the Gonne-6. A tool like that is essential for versatility.

Of course, Wolfguard is a new chapter, and Sens will help us determine how we can work together to make the world a safer place. We think very similarly in how a soldier’s prowess is not measured in lives taken. For me, it’s protecting my people. For Sens, it’s reducing all casualties by taking control of the battlefield.

Since I’ll be going on this mission with Sens and Lion, the three of us took the time to get familiar with each other’s combat capabilities. I wasn’t worried about Lion. I was pleased to learn that Sens is a natural at teamwork. They excel at setting up tactical opportunities for the rest of us, but also at capitalizing on our actions.

I encourage you to overlook what can come off as an easy-going attitude. Sens is spirited and takes things as they come, but they always give a task the appropriate consideration and energy. Sens is operation-ready, and I’m certain the next report will confirm that they are an impressive asset.”

- Gilles “Montagne” Touré

Gameplay Description

Sens Ability Icon.png

R.O.U. Projector System

Sens' Unique Gadget is the ROU Projector, a wheel-like device which deposits small projectors on the ground. When thrown or sent rolling, the ROU drops a line of projectors behind it, which activate to create a wall of light. This light wall completely obscures anything behind it, making it ideal for cutting off the Defender's line of sight, and providing cover for the Attackers.

  • While rolling, the ROU can ricochet off walls and travel in a different direction.


  • Glaz's HDS Flip Sight can see through the ROU's light walls clearly, allowing him to target enemies while remaining in the ROU's cover.


  • Warden's Smart Glasses can see through the ROU's light walls clearly.
  • Jager's ADS and Wamai's Mag-Nets can intercept the ROU and stop its movement.
  • Aruni's Surya Gates can destroy the ROU, unless it rolls underneath the gap under the Gate.
  • Defender's Bulletproof Camera's can see through the ROU's light wall clearly, and can disable it with their EMP Pulse.
  • Maestro's Evil Eyes can see through the ROU's light walls clearly, but cannot destroy it with its laser.
  • Mute's Signal Jammers can deactivate any of the ROU's projectors which are within its radius.

Device Description

"The R.O.U. Projector System is a testament to how valuable non-lethal gear can be in the field."

The Rolling Obstructive Utility (R.O.U.) Projector System rolls after it's thrown by Sens and drops small projectors to create a screen along its path. Although physical objects can still pass through the screen, it's highly flexible—cutting off multiple lines of sight at once

Device Evaluation

Device: R.O.U. Protection System
Operator: Specialist Neon "Sens" Neoma
Evaluation Lead: Dr. Elena "Mira" Álvarez, Director of R&D

Working with Specialist Neon "Sens" Ngoma is the most fun I had in a while. Their questions, suggestions and direct insight on what they were hoping to achieve allowed me to push this prototype further than what they came in with. Orchestrating the battlefield by influencing the senses is not a novel concept, but the way they view it is on another level.

Sens had experimented flash clusters, noise grenades, timed devices, and they even had stories about how a well-placed stone can throw a wrench in an entire operation. For this, though, they wanted the truest form of their art: a portable, non-lethal device they could use to instantly turn the tide of a battle.

We reviewed the technology used in Alibi and Iana's devices together. With that reference, we designed a series of hologram projectors small enough to fit in a mobile delivery system and smart enough to link together for a consistent image.

The resulting package, which Sens dubbed the R.O.U (Rolling Obstructive Utility, something about it being a wheel in French?), should prove useful in operations that require a delicate touch.

- Dr. Elena "Mira" Alvarez, Director of R&D


Sens' Quotes


  • Sens is the first confirmed Non-binary operator in the franchise, and the third in LGBTQ representation, after Flores and Osa.
  • According to the "Logical Shade" in-game bundle, Sens initially had the 9mm C1 and M249 as part of their loadout in earlier builds, similar to how Thorn initially had the Bearing 9 and M45 MEUSOC, as evidenced by the "Eternal" in-game bundle.
  • Sens' internal name during development was Panache.


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