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Sharon Judd is Rainbow's intelligence officer for most of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. She is of Israeli origin, having worked for the Mossad in the past.

Vegas 2[]

She is first seen in the opening of Act 2. Throughout the game she briefs Bravo on the situation as the helicopter flies to the destination, describing the buildings and the rooms as the team progress and debriefing them as they extract the locations.

Later in the game, while the team flies to a Penthouse she starts to explain the mission parameters and blueprints of the building, but is shot by an enemy sniper. The pilot, Gary Kenyon, tries to keep the chopper stable so the team may drop and clear the roof. Once the player exits the helicopter, it takes off to safety. When Bishop asks what her condition is, Chavez answers saying she's "stable", but her status after that remains unknown.

During the last level of the game, Gabriel is heard taunting Bishop about the shooting of Sharon.


  • As with Jung, Michael and Gary, her uniform's camouflage/pattern depends on Bishop's owns, that are selected by the player. If the player chooses the Rainbow pale blue pattern, the whole team (including Sharon) will be wearing it.