Sharpened Iris is the eleventh mission of the Gameboy Advance version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

Mission objective:

Control - An anonymous informant within the Moscow intelligence has contacted us. The informant has told us where Zaitsev is operating from, and that there are captured ex-Soviet scientists working for him. 

They are being held in a dismantled nuclear research base near the test facility of Plesetzk, Siberia. The facility has the technology and equipment to create nuclear weapons. Satellite reconnaissance shows a heavy guarded, large industrial facility. 

Your mission is to infiltrate the peripheral base facilities, find a terminal and download as much data as possible, especially the base's blueprints. Downloading the data is your primary objective, but also try to avoid detection, as maintaining the advantage of surprise is important. 


John Clark - Our informant was very clear about one thing: Zaitsev is implied in the creation of a nuclear weapon, probably to sell it to the highest bidder. Analyzing the data we have, we speculate that this is the most likely scenario. 

Moscow wants this mission kept totally "black" - if we fail they will label us as international criminals for operating illegally on their soil. 

The captive scientists have been missing for months. The plan is to rescue them, gain intelligence from them and strike back. Let's shut this facility down for good. 

We'll run this mission in three phases, your first objective is to approach the complex and download the base's blueprints so we can plan the rescue. 

Mission success

John Clark - We've located the complex where the scientists are kept. It's time to get on with phase two of the mission.

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