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Showdown is a limited time event in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege that was introduced during the Operation Phantom Sight expansion.[1]

The event initially ran from July 2nd, 2019 to July 16th, 2019. The event returned as an Arcade mode during the Crystal Guard expansion. Known as Showdown: Back to the West, it is available from September 21st, 2021 to September 28th, 2021.[2]



Showdown Rules.jpeg

The event features an exclusive map called Fort Truth. It features a unique 3v3 Secure Area gamemode with Tactical Realism rules.

Loadouts are limited to BOSG.12.2 and LFP586. Attacking operators are limited to one frag grenade and two smoke grenades each, while defending operators are limited to one deployable shield and two barbed wires, except Recruit who only has 1 barbed wire. As a result, none of the Operators are able to use any of their unique gadgets or abilities.


As with other events, only a select few Operators have been chosen. As well as the Recruit, the following Attackers and Defenders were available.

The Law (ATK)[]

Graveltop Gang (DEF)[]


Name Image Criteria Reward
New Sheriff in Town BattlePass IMG Challenges Eliminate 10 Opponents In The Event Map CLRTM.png Eliminate 10 opponents in the Showdown event. Showdown Alpha Pack Charm


Alpha Packs[]

Showdown features limited-time Alpha Packs containing Headgear, Uniforms, Weapon Skins, and Charm that are themed around the event. There are 31 cosmetic items in the Containment Alpha Pack collection with no duplicates awarded in packs.

Showdown Collection[]


R Plated Brazilian Headgear.PNG Plated Brazilian E Bronco Saddle Headgear.PNG Bronco Saddle
E Saloon Vest Headgear.PNG Saloon Vest R Rawhide Outaw Headgear.PNG Rawhide Outlaw
R Rough Denim Headgear.PNG Rough Denim E Rugged Ranger Headgear.PNG Rugged Ranger
L Heavy Ornate Headgear.PNG Heavy Ornate L Leather Motif Headgear.PNG Leather Motif
R Dark Cowhide Headgear.PNG Dark Cowhide E Burgundy And Chaps Headgear.PNG Burgundy And Chaps


R Rough Denim Uniform.PNG Rough Denim R Rawhide Outaw Uniform.PNG Rawhide Outlaw
R Plated Brazilian Uniform.PNG Plated Brazilian R Dark Cowhide Uniform.PNG Dark Cowhide
E Bronco Saddle Uniform.PNG Bronco Saddle E Burgundy And Chaps Uniform.PNG Burgundy And Chaps
E Rugged Ranger Uniform.PNG Rugged Ranger E Saloon Vest Uniform.PNG Saloon Vest
L Heavy Ornate Uniform.PNG Heavy Ornate L Leather Motif Uniform.PNG Leather Motif

Weapon Skins[]

Name Image Weapon
Old Satin RainbowSix 2019-08-26 17-56-04.png F2
Silver Jet​​​​​ RainbowSix 2019-08-26 17-56-49.png M4
Bounty Seeker RainbowSix 2019-08-26 17-57-23.png ALDA 5.56
Barn Guard RainbowSix 2019-08-26 17-57-57.png PARA-308
Gunslinger RainbowSix 2019-08-26 17-58-28.png Luison
Cowherd RainbowSix 2019-08-26 18-00-24.png AUG A3
Rip And Patch RainbowSix 2019-08-26 18-00-57.png R4-C
Sleek Pattern RainbowSix 2019-08-26 18-05-35.png Mx4 Storm
Barter Interest RainbowSix 2019-08-26 18-05-50.png OTs-03
Copper Barrel RainbowSix 2019-08-26 17-59-52.png LFP586


Flipped Coin Charm.jpeg Flipped Coin

Operator Bundles[]

Players may purchase event cosmetics in bundles for each Operator featured in the event. Bundles cost 1680 R6S-credits-icon.png apiece.


  • The DeLorean from the Back from the Future trilogy could be found when destroying a wall in the mine.