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Shutdown is a mission objective featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It tasks players with planting canisters to stop Nutrient Nodes.


Nutrient Nodes cause all Nests in a subzone to continuously regenerate if destroyed. As a result, a large number of Nests are scattered around the subzone. Upon entering the subzone, players must locate the Nutrient Nodes with recon gear, abilities, or by line-of-sight. In solo, the node is automatically located by picking up a foam injector.

Once located, players must make their way to the Extraction Pod at the Landing Zone and pick up canisters known as foam injectors. Three canisters must be planted on the roots surrounding the Nutrient Node to shut it down. When playing on Solo, only one canister needs to be planted. Canisters can be destroyed by attacks from Archæans before they planted. This will damage the carrier, and force them to return for a new canister. There are an unlimited number of canisters, and as such, it is impossible to fail this objective by running out.

Once planted, the canisters will release REACT Foam and the objective will be complete. With the Nutrient Node shutdown, Nests can be destroyed like normal. To complete the objective relatively quickly, each player can hold a canister and plant them simultaneously. This is also a good strategy, as when one canister is deployed, all nests will instantly regrow.