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"As the Parasite infection burned through the townspeople, the hospital took the brunt of the fear and chaos."
— Description

Sierra County Hospital is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It is set in the Truth or Consequences region.


Sierra County Hospital is composed of three subzones: Veterans Center, Hospital, and Biohazard Lab.

Veterans Center[]


Biohazard Lab[]

Map Layout[]

Discovery Points[]


Location Quote Image
Southwestern side of the building, pharmacy room, inspect the shelves towards the east side of the room. "Towards the end, people took any pills they could find, hoping to stop the infection. And nothing did." - Thermite Hospital DP 2 Map.jpeg
Hospital DP 2.jpeg
Central room south side of the building, the large Archaean pillar in the middle of the square room. "The local police tried to keep order, but there were just too many terrified, sick people." - Ash Hospital DP 3 Map.jpeg
Hospital DP 3.jpeg
Southeastern corner, the vehicle crashed through the wall of the building. "This guy thought the doctors would see him sooner if he crashed in. Instead, he made things worse." - Thermite Hospital DP 1 Map.jpeg
Hospital DP 1.jpeg
Refridgerators holding carapace samples located on south wall of Airlock between Hospital and Vererans Center. "We're exposing the carapace to high pressure. But nothing seems to bother el Parásito." - Mira Hospital DP 4 Map.jpeg
Hospital DP 4.jpeg
Maps on the floor below the stairs in the Airlock between Hospital and Veterans Center. "The Apex is the only Archaean motile that can spawn other Archaean units. The reasons for this are unclear." - REACT INDEX Hospital DP 7 Map.jpeg
Hospital DP 7.jpeg

Biohazard Lab

Location Quote Image
Southwestern room, look through the windows into the locked room with the hazard suits and desk. "Level 5 containment seemed like it would be enough. We never expected the Parasite to come out of the ground." - Mira Biohazard Lab DP 1 Map.jpeg
Biohazard Lab DP 1.jpeg
Northern central room, the large white tank in the middle of the room. "This bioreactor can withstand extremes of heat and pressure without leakage. It is secure even now." - REACT INDEX Biohazard Lab DP 2 Map.jpeg
Biohazard Lab DP 2.jpeg
Southeastern large room lower floor, look at the pipe on the floor on the west side of the room "Boyd, or at least what was left of him, was contained in there. It looks like the Parasite totally absorbed him." - Ash Biohazard Lab DP 3 Map.jpeg
Biohazard Lab DP 3.jpeg
The middle of the metal detector in the Airlock between Hospital and Biohazard Lab "Even in a secret lab, set up under a containment zone, there's no escaping security checkpoints." - Thermite Hospital DP 5 Map.jpeg
Hospital DP 5.jpeg
The desk beside the above metal detector in the Airlock between Hospital and Biohazard Lab "This barrier reinforcement utilizes phase-state meta-materials that resist both high shear and crush forces." - REACT INDEX Hospital DP 6 Map.jpeg
Hospital DP 6.jpeg

Veterans Center

Location Quote Image
Westernmost room, look at the painting on the wall. "I am in awe of what those old timers accomplished without any of our high-tech and advanced equipment." - Thermite Veterans Center Lab DP 2 Map.jpeg
Veterans Ceter DP 2.jpeg
Central open area, look at the crashed helicopter in the middle of the area. "Some redneck with a rifle thought he could make the pilot fly him out. It didn't work out that way." - Ash Veterans Center Lab DP 3 Map.jpeg
Veterans Ceter DP 3.jpeg
Extraction point, look at the fencing on the north side. "REACT uses ultraband microwave repeaters to maintain contact with Operators at all times." - REACT INDEX Veterans Center Lab DP 4 Map.jpeg
Veterans Ceter DP 4.jpeg
Southeastern corner, look through the gate with the vines on it to the east. "These heavy steel gates probably did little to stop the Parasite, but hopefully slowed it enough for people to get to safety." - Ash Veterans Center Lab DP 1 Map.jpeg
Veterans Ceter DP 1.jpeg
Documents on the east side of the Airlock between Veterans Center and Hospital. "The Vet Center custodian won't need any of his tools anytime soon. Archie's taking care of the place now." - Thermite Veterans Center Lab DP 5 Map.jpeg
Veterans Ceter DP 5.jpeg


The hospital appears as the main setting of the second mission of the Outbreak event.