For the map in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, see Skyscraper (Rainbow Six).
"Perched on top of Skyscraper in Nagoya, Japan, you will explore refined works of Japanese architecture inside a dangerous mansion. Be prepared for vertiginous rappels in the haze of the morning sun, where modernity and tradition meet."
— Ubisoft Description[1]

Skyscraper is a map featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege that was introduced in the Operation Red Crow expansion.

The map is set to be reworked in the Year 5 Season 3 expansion.


  • 3 Attacker spawning locations
    • Helipad
    • Tower
    • Ventilation Units
  • 4 Defender objective locations
    • Bomb
      • 2F Team Room & 2F Karaoke
      • 2F Work Office and 2F Exihibition
      • 1F Kitchen and 1F BBQ
      • 1F Bedroom and 1F Bathroom
    • Secure Area
      • 2F Tea Room
      • 2F Work Office
      • 1F Bedroom
      • 1F BBQ
    • Hostage
      • 2F Work Office
      • 2F Geisha Room
      • 1F Bedroom
      • 1F Kitchen
  • 2 Trap doors


  • The Assassin's Creed logo can be seen on the belt buckles of the samurai display armor, another video game series by Ubisoft.
  • A booklet with a cover showing multiple chibi Operators can be found on one of the shelves in the work office along with multiple Ubisoft games.
  • In the Games Room on the Second Floor, other video games from Ubisoft can be seen on the shelf, including Tom Clancy's The Division and Assassin's Creed.
  • The taiko drum in 2F Taiko can be drummed by striking it with a melee attack.

Map Layout

  • Skyscraper - First Floor
  • Skyscraper - Second Floor
  • Skyscraper - Roof



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