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Sludge is an enemy archtype featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. It is a mass of bio-organic matter produced by the Chimera Parasite.


Sludge is an amorphous variant of Archæan. It appears as glowing throbbing puddles of Sprawl. Sludge uses extensible tendrils to move around in the environment and spread the Parasite. When alerted, Sludge will move towards the disturbance and attempt to neutralize the threat by using a stabbing motion with its tendrils. Sludge is resistant to piercing damage. It will fraction into smaller puddles that will recombine if they are not eliminated.

Sample cells taken by REACT scientists have shown that they possess no senescence. Studies on its fractional energy density also revealed that the Parasite has existed for approximately 16 billion years, predating the known universe.



Sludge can be identified as a glowing blob of Sprawl. They are commonly found on ceilings but can be present on the ground. While Sludge spawning is random, the Punk Club subzone on the Tenderloin map is a common spawn location when playing on Cautious difficulty or higher.

Sludge will remain motionless until it has detected a player who has gotten too close to it or has fired at it. Unlike other Archæans, Sludge is not capable of alerting nearby enemies. After it is alerted, Sludge will start moving towards players and leave a path of Sprawl behind it. Once a player is in range, Sludge will use its tendrils to deal minor damage. This can be problematic in close quarters or if players are being attacked by multiple Sludges at once.

Sludge will split apart into three smaller organisms after a few hits. These smaller Sludge will continue to attack players but can be killed with one shot. If too much time passes, the smaller Sludge will remerge back into a larger Sludge. Shotguns and explosives can be used to prevent Sludge from divding.

The Spontaneous Sludge Mutation has a chance of appearing on higher difficulties. When active, it will cause the remains of Archæans who have not been killed through weak points to turn into Sludge. Sludge can quickly overwhelm players if they are not careful to target enemy weak points.