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The Smasher is a Archæan that appears in the Outbreak event of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction.


Smashers are large and durable organisms that were created by the Chimera Parasite in response to the increased payload of ordinances being used by the U.S. Government.

During the initial infestation stage of the Chimera Parasite, Smashers were produced by infecting and mutating humans. This caused infected individuals to grow a thick carapace armor around their bodies that makes them almost invulnerable to most forms of damage. Despite their size, Smashers are capable of short bursts of speed that can be devastating to objects or people in its path. The concentration of carapace on their bodies have left them blind and vulnerable to attack on their backsides. This weak spot has been observed as a red glowing gash on their back.

Extraction Smasher Info File.png

Once the Chimera Parasite has effectively assimilated enough organic matter, it will use Sprawl to start producing Archæan Smashers in lieu of human Smasher. Encounters with humans have led the Parasite to make the Archæan Smasher smaller but more agile then a human Smasher. Despite having less armor and durability, Archæan Smashers remain nigh invulnerable to most attacks except highly concentrated explosives which may stun it momentarily. Archæan Smashers also retain the weak points on their backs.



Outbreak Smasher.jpeg

Smashers are enemies featured in the Outbreak event. These large imposing enemies are immune to damage on their frontside but the flesh on their backsides are exposed, leaving them vulnerable to damage. Although gunfire to the wound will damage the Smasher bit by bit, it is more effective to melee it through "backstab" takedowns. This can be done by provoking the blind Smashers with noise (such as gunshots or explosives) into a wall or obstacle, stunning and making them become vulnerable. This cannot be done with reinforced walls as Smashers will run through them with ease.

Up to three takedowns are necessary to kill the Smasher. Also, getting too close to a Smasher causes them to swing their arms, knocking back all nearby Operators and dealing moderate damage.


Extraction Smasher.jpeg

Smashers are Tier 3 enemies features in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. Smashers remain largely unchanged from the Outbreak event.

Smashers remain invulnerable on their front sides and their weak point is still located on their backs. Unlike in Outbreak, only one Takedown on the Smasher's back is needed to kill it. As such, a Smasher can be taken down relatively quickly by first stunning it and performing a takedown. Smashers will also sustain slight damage if players fire at their weak point or if they are hit with explosives such as Nitro Cells, Hibana's X-KAIROS, Smoke's gas grenades, and Fuze's cluster charges.

When alerted, they will head towards players and destroy obstacles in their way. Once they are close enough to a player, they will charge towards them, dealing massive amounts of damage. Should a Smasher run into an indestructible object, they will be momentarily stunned, allowing for a Takedown.

On higher difficulties, Elite Smashers will appear. They are stronger and faster than normal Smashers. Similar to the Smasher in Outbreak, Elite Smashers require three takedowns to the back in order to be killed.

Immortal Smasher[]

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Immortal Smasher.png

An Immortal Smasher is a special variant of a normal Smasher that will only appear with the Immortal Smasher Parasite Mutation active. It can be identified by its pink veins covering its body and the large hardened Carapace growing from it's backside. Unlike a normal Smasher, an Immortal Smasher's body is completely covered in Carapace, leaving no weaknesses. Because it's body is covered, it cannot be eliminated by normal means or by a Takedown since it has no weak point. It is best to evade it by stealth means or by stunning it with gear such as Stun Grenades or Smoke Grenades to get around it. When leveled up, Sledge can still stun an Immortal Smasher with his Breaching Hammer but it's stun time is decreased. There is only one way to "kill" an Immortal Smasher, by luring it into an Airlock and starting the timer to press on to the next Sub-Zone, the REACT Foam that is released from the Airlock doors will eliminate an Immortal Smasher.


Ash Study Portrait.pngEye In The Sky (Alaska)

Scout Ahead
Objective Ping 3 Lurkers, Rooters and Smashers. 15,000 XP
Brief "Keep battle-ready at all times. Recon enemy locations to alert your team." - Ash
Logbook Research Report: "Visible Spectrum"

"To Elena and Jordan, Additional data on Chimera types: Lurker, Rooter, and Smasher is on its way. Check out the electromagnetic radiation lab tests on the Lurker's cloaking ability. Maybe there's more to the molecular structure of the Chromatophores than we thought. Seems that we aren't seeing everything." - Ash

Mira Study Portrait.pngSmashing (Truth or Consequences)

Frontal Assault
Objective Damage 3 Smashers with firearms without hitting their Weak point. Weapons Skins Logo Rare.pngModus Operandi Weapon Skin

20,000 XP
Brief "Evolving tactics are a must against Smashers as their dorsal Weak Point is difficult to expose. Shoot, move, and communicate. That's the name of the game." - Mira
Logbook Research Report: "Chimera Origins: From Space?"

"Results of numerous tests confirm the Orpheus meteor contains deposits of fossilized Chimera Bacteria. Is it possible that somehow the Chimera came into contact with both the meteor and Soyuz Capsule? Is there a common link somewhere in Space?" - Mira

Smasher Vulnerability
Objective Kill or Assist killing a Smasher with the Weak Point on its back. Charms Logo Legendary.pngSmashing Success Charm

20,000 XP
Brief "Smashers are extremely robust and their thick carapace protects most of their body from gunshots. Aim for their Weak Point to take them down quickly." - Mira
Logbook To Jordan, "Adaptations"

"Your mention of adaptation in your Tactical Log is true, the Archæans have morphed a great deal. Some are so different and yet kept the same abilities. Like why hasn't the Smasher changed much since the Outbreak Event?" - Mira

Missed Me
Objective Lure a Smasher to charge without hurting anyone in the Squad. 20,000 XP
Brief "When up against a Smasher use Explosives or outwit its charging attack in order to move behind and perform a Takedown." - Mira
Logbook Entry ToC-0231

"This is exciting... the Physics department has looped me in on something. Rewatching the video logs from Operators up against the Smasher they noticed particle behavior they described as 'weird'. In physics terms that translates as 'quantum'. They're pouring over their other research and will keep me in the loop." - Mira

Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
Defeated Achievement.png Defeated Kill 5 Smashers with a Takedown. 25G Silver
Ubisoft Connect[]
Image Name Description Reward
Conquered Challenge.png Conquered Kill 15 Smashers with a Takedown 250 XP



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