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"HAHAHA! About time someone pulled the smoke alarm."
— Smoke

James Porter, codenamed Smoke, is a REACT Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. He is unlocked at Development Milestone 10.


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After the horrors in Truth or Consequences, SMOKE did not hesitate to join REACT to combat the new Parasite threat. A self-taught expert in chemistry and biology, he is especially well suited to engage the Archæans and brings a wealth of operational experience to the team. His specially designed Z9 toxic gas grenades are particularly effective against these new enemies.

Psychological Profile[]

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Assessing Porter's expertise in fields of chemistry and biology. Self taught. This speaks a certain amount of discipline. (QUERY: drive, determination)

Expanding on effect of being self-taught: Porter is innovative and not constrained to learned methods of learning. This approach may yield extraordinary results with the Chimera. (INSERT: E. Cohen - "Learned methods of learning" is an interesting way of putting it. And insightful. Try query "learning styles". @INDEX)


Gameplay Description[]

  • L85A2
    Assault Rifle
  • FMG-9 (Level 3)
    Submachine Gun
  • M590A1 (Level 6)
    Submachine Gun
  • MP5K (Level 9)
    Submachine Gun
Gadget REACT Smoke Ability.png

Remote Gas Grenade
Compound Z9 Grenade

A Medium Armored Operator, Smoke is equipped with three Compound Z9 Remote Gas Grenades, remotely detonated gas canisters that will damage and possibly kill whoever it comes in contact with. Smoke is immune to the effects of the gas cloud.

At Operator level 2, the gas grenade count is increased to four. At Operator level 7, the cloud damage is increased to 85 damage and affected enemies become scanned. Finally, at Operator level 10, the gas grenade count is further increased to five and the cloud duration will increase to 10 seconds.

Other operators are immune to damage from the gas cloud, and Archaeans in the cloud are considered Smoked for the purposes of takedowns.

  • Gas Grenades are thrown by Smoke and stick onto surfaces they touch. Once activated, the Grenade will release a toxic gas cloud that is 5 meters in diameter.
    • Gas Grenades have a light throwing profile similar to Impact Grenades.
    • Gas Grenades can be detonated anywhere at any time. However, the only exception is if a Gas Grenade is still deployed after Smoke enters KO status.
    • The gas cloud primarily spreads parallel to the surface that the grenade is attached to. The cloud will not spread perpendicularly, and will not spread to areas behind it. The surface area of the gas cloud is similar to an actual Smoke Grenade.
    • Like normal smoke grenades, the Gas Grenade will only let pinging target the gas cloud.
  • The gas cloud is a translucent yellow, and physically acts like a Smoke Grenade cloud, blocking vision in the given area.
  • Even after the gas cloud is dissipated the cloud will linger for a couple seconds after and only obscure minimal vision. At this point, it won't deal any damage.
  • The gas cloud is capable of destroying Blinding Spores and Sower Mines.


Level Image Name Description Cosmetic
Smoke grenade.png
Remote Gas Grenades Throws remotely detonated Z9 grenades, dealing damage to any enemy in the gas.
Smoke grenade.png
Extra Smoke Grenade count increased to 4. HZ-Tarp Headgear
3 Arsenal Update Gains access to the FMG-9 sub machine gun.
Speed IV Movement speed increased by 30%.
Extraction Perks.png
Resilient Revival Kills while downed replenish 5 downed health. Replenishing all downed health will self-revive. HZ-Tarp Uniform
M590 HUD Icon R6E.png

Arsenal Update Gains access to the M590A1 shotgun and the SMG-11 machine pistol.
Smoke grenade.png
Toxicity Cloud damage increased to 85 damage. Affected enemies become scanned. Status Symbol Uniform
Armor IV Incoming damage reduced by 30%.
9 Arsenal Update Gains access to the MP5K submachine gun.
Smoke grenade.png
Concentrated Formula Grenade count increased to 5. Cloud duration increased to 10 seconds. Status Symbol Headgear


Smoke's Quotes


  • "HAHAHA! About time someone pulled the smoke alarm."

  • "One toxic smokescreen coming up."
  • "I'm good with my fists, but I'm poking Archies with my shotgun first."
  • "I swear, if one more blighter asks me if I smoke!"
  • "You get a grenade, you get a grenade, you get a grenade, EVERYBODY GETS A GRENADE!"
  • "I'm up for a proper brawl."
  • "I beat my opponents the second I step in the lab."
  • "I could beat them with one arm tied behind their back."
  • "I'm ready to bring the heat."
  • "Still not telling you what's in my grenades."
Placing Z9 Grenade
  • "Z9 grenade is set."
  • "Throwing a Z9 grenade."
  • "My beauties are in place."
  • "Tossing a Z9."
  • "Throwing a Z9."


  • "Z9 set to fire!"
  • "Z9's out!"
  • "My babes are ready to fire!"
  • "Throwing Z9 grenade!"
  • "My beauties are in place!"

Z9 Grenade detonated

  • "Blowing charge."
  • "Blowing a Z9 grenade."
  • "Smoke incoming."



Take Downs

Deploying Drone

Throwing Smoke Grenade

Throwing Impact Grenade

Placing Scan Mine

Placing Claymore

Throwing Stun Grenade

Throwing Glue Grenade

Deploying Field Wall

Throwing Scan Grenade

Placing Nitro Cell

Detonating Nitro Cell

Throwing Paralysis Grenade

Placing Arc Mine

'Throwing Recon Vapor Device

Pinging Location

Pinging Extraction

Pinging Airlock

Pinging Objective

Pinging REACT Tech

Pinging Medkit

Pinging Ability Recharge

Pinging Ammo

Pinging Enemy

Picking Up Operator

Dropping Operator

Friendly Fire
  • "Cease fire!"
  • "Cease fire! Cease fire!"
  • "Friendly! Cease fire, you muppet!"
  • "Friendly! For fuck's sake, don't shoot!"