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"Grenade that emits smoke which obscures vision."
— In-game description

The Smoke Grenade is an Attacker-exclusive gadget featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.


The Smoke Grenade is a non-lethal grenade designed as an effective visual cover.

Three seconds after being thrown or two seconds after hitting a surface, the Smoke Grenade will release a spherical cloud of smoke with a diameter of five meters. The Smoke Cloud blocks all vision through it and obscures vision of players inside it. The Smoke Grenade cloud lasts for ten seconds.

The Smoke Grenade cloud also blocks any Pings through the smoke; pinging at the Smoke Grenade cloud will place a ping on the Smoke Grenade Cloud as though it is a physical object.

Smoke Grenades are very useful for covering advances and "blinding" Defenders for a longer time than the Stun Grenades. It should be noted that Smoke Grenades will also provide cover for the Defenders, meaning Attackers should be aware of their location before throwing the grenade. Smoke Grenades are especially valuable in the Bomb game mode as it allows Attackers to stay hidden while planting the Defuser.

Like other throwable gadgets, getting hit directly by a Smoke Grenade deals five points of damage.

Capitão's Micro Smoke Grenades shot from his Tactical Crossbow function quite similarly to regular Smoke Grenades.


  • When active, Warden's Glance Smart Glasses allows him to see through Smoke Clouds while standing still.
  • Glaz's Flip Sight on the OTs-03 allows him to see through Smoke Clouds while standing still. The Flip Sight's heat-vision feature will also highlight Operators through Smoke Clouds.
  • Bulletproof Cameras and Maestro's Evil Eyes can see through Smoke Clouds with their heat-vision feature.
  • When active, Jäger's Active Defense Systems will destroy Smoke Grenades that enter its range. It will then be disabled for ten seconds before being able to destroy another projectile.
  • If a Smoke Grenade enters the range of one of Wamai's Mag-NETs, the grenade will be pulled away from its original trajectory to detonate at the location of the Mag-NET, destroying it in the process.
  • When active, Aruni's Surya Gates will destroy Smoke Grenades that come in contact with its lasers. The Surya Gate will then be disabled for thirty seconds before it can be manually reactivated.
  • Bullets do not interact with Smoke Grenades but will instead pass through the Smoke Grenade cloud and hit whatever is on the other side.


  • In the Bomb game mode, use Smoke Grenades to stay hidden while planting the Defuser.
  • Take advantage of Glaz's Flip Sight to kill unaware Defenders or provide cover through Smoke Grenade clouds.
  • Warden is able to see anything through Smoke Grenade clouds with his Smart Glance Glasses, though having to stay still.


  • According to the designations painted on the canister, this particular grenade emits "grenade" colored smoke.

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