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"Welcome to the first ever Rainbow International Snowball Fight! We’ve got some tight competition on our teams, with only the best from each nation selected to participate. The Blue Blades and The Orange Blizzards have been gearing up all season for this wintry match. Two teams of elite players with unique skills going head-to-head, who will come out on top and who will get a face full of snow? This is going to be one serious game ladies and gentlemen. Watch out for those snowballs, but don’t forget to have fun. Welcome to Snow Brawl!"
— Event Description

Snow Brawl was a limited timed event in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege that was introduced during the High Calibre expansion. It was available from December 14th, 2021 to January 4th, 2022.[1]

The Capture The Flag gamemode takes place on a Christmas themed version of Chalet. Attackers and Defenders are known as the Orange Blizzards and Blue Blades respecively.


Snow Brawl Rules.png

The first gamemode to feature the ability to respawn, the objective of Snow Brawl is capture the flag. Flags are located at the home base of each team on opposite sides of the backyard on Chalet. The goal it to capture the opposing team's flag and bring it back to their home base to score a point. Flag holders can release the flag at any point or will drop them upon death. Dropped flags may then be returned to the owners base if picked up and brought to them. The team with the most points at the end of the timer will be declared the winner. Should both teams be tied, the game will go into overtime and the first to score in sudden death will win.

Both teams are equipped with an ultimied amount of snowballs as their main weapon while the Snowblast Launcher serves as the secondary weapon. Recieving three hits from a snowball will cause a player freeze and become a snowman before respawning. The Snowblast Launcher is equipped with one round which will knock opposing players to the ground and give an opportunity to strike them with snowballs before they recover. The map also features boosts on the map to grant special abilities. Boosts include: Running speed, Rate of fire, Air jab ammo, and Health packs.


The mode limits players to choosing between five Orange Blizzards and five Blue Blades.

Orange Blizzards[]

Blue Blades[]


Alpha Packs[]

Snow Brawl features limited-time Alpha Packs containing Headgear, Uniforms, Weapon Skins, an Attachment Skin, Charms, and Operator Card Portraits. There are 45 cosmetic items in the Snow Brawl Alpha Pack collection with no duplicates awarded in packs.

All players are awarded a free Alpha Pack for logging in for the first time during the event. Afterwards, packs are obtained through completing Ubisoft Connect challenges or by purchase. Alpha Packs may be purchased with Renown alongside R6 Credits.

Snow Brawl Collection[]


Vigil Anthropomorphic Headgear.png Vigil
Thorn All Ears Headgear.png Thorn
All Ears
Osa Sleigh Guide Headgear.png Osa
Sleigh Guide
Castle Polar Fangs Headgear.png Castle
Polar Fangs
Blackbeard Benevolent Man Headgear.PNG Blackbeard
Snow Beard
Montagne Little Helper Headgear.jpeg Montagne
Little Helper
Ash Jolly Bonnet.png Ash
Jolly Bonnet
Buck Shell Seal Headgear.png Buck
Shell Seal
Rook Yeti's Gaze Headgear.png Rook
Yeti's Gaze
Frost Double Frost Headgear.png Frost
Double Frost


Vigil In The Wrong Uniform.png Vigil
In The Wrong
Blackbeard Benevolent Man Uniform.PNG Blackbeard
Benevolent Man
Montagne Little Helper Uniform.jpeg Montagne
Little Helper
Ash Toy Crafter Uniform.jpeg Ash
Toy Crafter
Thorn Feline Enforcer Uniform.png Thorn
Feline Enforcer
Osa Winter Faun Uniform.PNG Osa
Winter Faun
Buck Figure Soldier Uniform.png Buck
Figure Soldier
Frost Snow Sprite Uniform.png Frost
Snow Sprite
Castle Retro Ski Uniform.png Castle
Retro Ski
Rook Clear Imprint Uniform.png Rook
Clear Imprint

Weapon Skins[]

Gift-Wrapped R4C Skin.PNG R4-C
Mythical Cat UZK50GI Skin.PNG UZK50GI
Mythical Cat
Crushing Canes Le Roc Skin.PNG Le Roc
Crushing Canes
Hibernal Solstice Skin.PNG Seasonal
Hibernal Solstice
Mischief Maker 9mm C1 Skin.PNG 9mm C1
Mischief Maker
Reindeer Games 556XI Skin.PNG 556XI
Reindeer Games
Stocking Sleigh Skin.PNG MK17 CQB
Stocking Sleigh
Better Not Cry K1A Skin.PNG K1A
Better Not Cry
Royal Jaw C8-SFW Skin.PNG C8-SFW
Royal Jaw
Ursus Roar UMP45 Skin.PNG UMP45
Ursus Roar
Rare Sighting MP5 Skin.PNG MP5
Rare Sighting

Attachment Skin[]

Hibernal Solstice Attachment Skin.png Universal
Hibernal Solstice


Hail Queen Charm.PNG Hail Queen Trophy Reindeer Charm.PNG Trophy Reindeer


Snow Brawl Background.PNG Snow Brawl


Blackbeard Benevolent Man Portrait.PNG Benevolent Man Montagne Little Helper Portrait.PNG Little Helper
Ash Toy Crafter Portrait.PNG Toy Crafter Vigil In The Wrong Portrait.PNG In The Wrong
Rook Clear Imprint Portrait.PNG Clear Imprint Frost Snow Sprite Portrait.PNG Snow Sprite
Osa Winter Faun Portrait.PNG Winter Faun Buck Figure Soldier Portrait.PNG Figure Soldier
Thorn Feline Enforcer Portrait.PNG Feline Enforcer Castle Retro Ski Portrait.PNG Retro Ski

Operator Bundles[]

Players may purchase event cosmetics in bundles for each Operator featured in the event. Bundles cost 1680 R6S-credits-icon.png apiece.

Vigil Disobedient Bundle.PNG Vigil Disobedient Bundle
  • Vigil Anthropomorphic Headgear
  • Vigil In The Wrong Uniform
  • K1A Better Not Cry Weapon Skin
Thorn Ferality Bundle.PNG Thorn Ferality Bundle
Rook Abominable Bundle.PNG Rook Abominable Bundle
Osa Luminous Bundle.PNG Osa Luminous Bundle
Frost Mischief Bundle.PNG Frost Mischief Bundle
Castle Mischief Bundle.PNG Castle Mischief Bundle
Buck Nutcracker Bundle.PNG Buck Nutcracker Bundle
Blackbeard Bliss Bundle.PNG Blackbeard Bliss Bundle
Montagne Minted Bundle.PNG Montagne Minted Bundle
Ash Helper Bundle.PNG Ash Helper Bundle


Snowflake Bundle.PNG Snowflake Bundle

Battle Pass Challenges[]

Image Name Description Reward
Frostbite Challenge Image.PNG Frostbite Eliminate 15 opponents in the Snow Brawl event. 850 BP Points
Winter Winner Challenge Image.PNG Winter Winner Win 10 matches in the Snow Brawl event. Snow Brawl Alpha Pack
850 BP Points


  • Ash and Montagne's cosmetics for the event were originally only available as a reward for owning all Operators when opening the Holiday 2019 and 2020 Alpha Packs.
  • Blackbeard's cosmetics in the Blackbeard's Bliss Bundle was originally available in December 2019. Additionally, the original name for his Headgear was also Benevolent Man.