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"If you don't notice their traps, you'll notice the blinding effect. Watch your step."
— Site description

Sowers are Tier 2 enemies that appear in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction. They are capable of planting a trap which will produce a blinding effect if activated.


The Sower is primarily quadrupedal in its movements. While capable of close-quarters combat, the Sower prefers to evade threats when possible. This is due to the Sower's primary function being to spread the parasite by producing a glowing mass of Chimera material which they disgorge on the ground. This mass contains high-energy abd glowing Sprawl material. It will detonate when organisms other than Archaeans are within close proximity, resulting in a blinding flash of light similar to a mine.

As with other Archaeans, the Sower will howl when it detects a threat. Afterwards, it will tend to retreat. This behavior is a ruse, however, as the Sower will attempt to lead threats to nearby Archaeans. When cornered, a Sower will charge and will use its heavily armored carapace head to attack. While its head is heavily resistant to damage, a Sower's underbelly is susceptible to damage and will become exposed while they are disgourging mass.


Sowers are common enemies within Incursions. They will constantly plant "Sower Mines" aroumd areas which will blind players for a few seconds if they get too close. This effect can be deadly when rushed at by other enemies. Mines can be detected with Drones and IQ's Spectre at Operator level 2. They can be destroyed with one bullet, explosives, or with the REACT Laser. Ela and Zofia are resilient to the blinding effects of Sower Mines.

If alerted, Sowers will notify nearby enemies before retreating. It is advised not to pursue them as they will lead players toward other enemies. If cornered, a Sower will start charging at the player. A Sower's head is heavily resistant to damage which can prove to be problematic when it is charging. Its weak point is located on its stomach. Sowers will use their head or keep their bodies low to the ground to protect their weak point but will leave it exposed when planting mines.


Sower Vulnerability
Objective Kill or assist in killing a Sower with its Weak Point. 10,000 XP

"Sower" Codex Entry
Brief "Sowers will deploy mines when evading attacks. When in pursuit be careful not to trigger them or risk being blinded by flash." - Mira
Logbook Entry SF-0598

"The guys said I need to stop watching Incursion footage while I eat lunch. The Sower isn't exactly as entertaining as cat videos... It's strange that Sower doesn't have any extreme aggression like the other mutations. It runs away unless it's cornered. What benefit is there for the Chimera to create something non-aggressive?" - Mira

Fancy Footing
Objective Kill or Assist killing a Sower before setting off any of its mines. 10,000 XP

1 Codex Entry
Brief "The best tactic against Sowers is to corral them. Work fast to take them out." - Mira
Logbook Personal SF-0149

"Honestly, I'm feeling as though a sower mine has screwed up my vision. Something we're not seeing. If they've found Chimera's genetic signature here in San Francisco on a meteor fragment... how did it here without us knowing? Something about the chemical signature and spreading that we're not fully seeing. Need ice cream *and* INDEX results!" - Mira

Objective Destroy 3 Sower mines without setting them off. Coslogo-common.pngRiot Squad Uniform

10,000 XP
Brief "Sower mines can easily be defused without firearms or explosives." - Mira
Logbook Entry SF-0644

"Watching videos of the Sower with a few of the Operators, reminded us all of a scared animal. And then Ela nailed when she suggested it was 'a distraction'. The Sower may not directly aggressive but it's designed to lure and trap the Operators. Was it created as another adaptation specifically to deal with us?" - Mira


Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
Reaper Achievement.png Reaper Kill 30 Sowers. 15G Bronze

Ubisoft Connect[]

Image Name Description Reward
Harvest Challenge.png Harvest Kill 50 Sowers 100 XP


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